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BDSA Project 2010. Team Anders is developing an application that uses automatons to generate music.



Related Projects

Automatous Monk: Cellular Automata Music

Automatous Monk is a Java application that maps cellular automaton evolutions into music. The resulting music is represented as jMusic scores that can be played and saved as MIDI files. A real-time version, which uses JSyn, is also available.

Virtual Laboratory Environment

A multi-modeling and simulation environment to study complex systems

Twisted Life

Twisted Life is a video game that uses a variant of John H. Conway's Life cellular automaton in which Life forms twist around the center of the universe.

Cell-automaton - Simple cellular automaton written in ruby.

A very simple cellular automaton designed for simple experiments. It is made to be extremely scalable.

Software Automation Framework Support

Multiplatform data-driven test automation execution services

Pcellularautomaton - Cellular Automaton java library for processing

This is a Java library for the Processing development Environment PDE. The project was started by Francis A. Bitonti ( The Library is intended to allow processing users carry out Cellular Automaton calculations more easily. for more about Cellular Automaton see this link.

Final-project-csci-171 - Final Project CSCI171

CSCI 171 - Cellular Automaton Project The cellular automaton project accounts for 50% of the final exam grade. Part of these points will come from in-class participation. Every class day that is devoted to working on the projects will be worth 4 points. If you are not present and working productively with your group, you will not earn these points. The group project must be turned in on the established due date, and WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE. This project will create the states of a cellular aut

Schrodingers-life - A python-based quantum cellular automaton emulator

"Schrodinger's Life" is the software that I am writing for my senior thesis. It emulates (or, rather, will emulate) an arbitary quantum cellular automaton fulfilling the definition recently released by Arrighi et. al ( In its current state, it is extremely rudimentary; however, in accordance with the demands of the thesis process, it will be "completed" in mid-December of 2009.