PHP Autoloader

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Related Projects

Projectautoloader - PHP Project Autoloader

An Autoloader based in the Symphony's autoloader

Php-autoload - PHP Autoload Implementation

A convenient implementation for PHP's autoload mechanism. It finds your class definitions automatically and uses an index for next time searches. This implementation works perfectly with arbitrary other autoloaders together. The code is hosted on The Google SVN-Repository has externals pointing to the sourceforge repository. Read for further details on this project.

Intelligencer - Manage Autoloading

A lite framework designed to manage autoloading of your PHP classes. Intelligencer will find all the classes for you and load them quickly and efficiently. Why should you use Intelligencer? You want to scan the contents of files and find all classes inside them. The framework provides the powerful instructions for searching with the cache support. You want to load the files according to the templates (e.g. Zend autoloading approach or Java class naming conventions) You want autoloaders to be pri

Php-autoloader - Simple yet powerful PHP Autoloader (yes, another one)

News13/04/2010 - php-autoloader v1.0.0 was released! First stable version is here, featuring: Stable version of php-autoloader library working out-of-the-box GenerateAutoLoaderIndexTask - Phing task that can be easily incorporated into your build process PHPUnit tests suite (90+ tests!) providing around 97% code coverage for source code Grab it from here. IntroYet another approach to PHP auto-loading. It may even become your favourite one :) BTW Reading all that stuff below seems boring? You wan

Ruby-autocode - Ruby library for automatically loading, reloading, and generating classes and module

Autocode includes 3 different modules that mixin functionality into arbitrary modules: autoload allows you to specify rules for autoloading code; autocreate allows you to automatically create new classes or modules based on exemplars (allowing you to, in effect, provide defaults for classes or modules that haven't been defined yet); reloadable allows you "unload" code that was loaded via autoload or autocreate.


A lightweight php namespace aware autoload generator

Php-majix - A magic mysql wrapping base class, which does everything for you.

Majix is a base class, that you extend, either explicitly or automajixally through an autoloader. It creates and modifies tables on demand so you don't have to. Excellent for prototyping and, arguably, also for full-featured projects.

The-wheel-library - Simple PHP 5 classes-utilites for daily usage

Set of simple PHP 5 (PHP 4 not supported) classes-utilites for daily usage. There are wrappers for filesystem, date/time, CURL, autoload etc. Simple text processing (e.g. Typograph).

Perl-class-abstractlogic - Centralized Abstracted Logic for Perl

This module provides functionality to build and load modulescontaining abstracted logics, taking verified inputs andreturning possible outputs. This is mostly thought as anextension for the Catalyst Web Framework, to separate thebusiness logic away from the modules, the controllers andviews into separate independent packages. There will bea Catalyst plugin to autoload MyApp::* logics and providean easy accessor.