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A library to automatically create GUI forms, using WxHaskell and quot;Scrap Your Boilerplatequot; generics.



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Autoform - webframe

a webframework for python tornado and jquery


AutoForm is a Gtk application which creates dynamically forms to fill/search/modify/delete data in a database, according to a description file written in XML.

gICE Gnome Intelligent C Editor

gICE is a powerful C text editor developed with GTK 2.0 on Linux, the advanced features are: AutoIdentation, Colors, AutoFormating the text, AutoCorrection the program in C (gICE can read the source code and find lexic mistakes) and more.

Rabbit-forms - PHP auto-form generation for CI structure

Rabbit FormsRabbit Forms is a CRUD (Create Retrieve Update Delete) automate library. If you see, more than 80% of a system development is based on CRUD operations, Rabbit Forms is made to high speed up these process by providing a good and extensive library providing assets to this work. In a normal scenario you make a CRUD operation like this: Create a form to create instances Validate submitted data Create a form to edit instances Validate submitted data Create a view to display registered ins

Autoformdesign - 动�表�设计


Gvalidator - Lightweight javascript form validation library

GValidator Form Validation LibraryIntroductionGValidator is a lightweight javascript form validation library that automatically adds client-side validation to form elements, without needing to write a single line of javascript. The aims of the project are to provide the following: A user-friendly experience A reusable and lightweight library Semantically clean code Web Standards compliant code Cross browser compatibility Code flexibility and extensibility Promote adoption via ease of use To use

Linphp - A light-weight php framework

We know, in web development, we must frequently deal with data sent from client, it seems we must do this each time. In fact, we don't have to do this by ourselves, instead, autoform will do all of those for us.

Qtcoolbrowser - 一个懒人上网工具,未�应该也�以作为一般�览器使用

网站自动登录器,网站自动投票器,图形验��识别,网页智能分�,网页抓图等等。 具体��到什么样的程度,就看大家的努力了。


Autoform is a Rails plugin that makes it easy to dynamically auto-generate a form for an ActiveRecord object.


A custom forms engine for django