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Autofiler is an automatic serverside mail filer application based on Bayesian text classification. In combination with an IMAP server, autofiler can file messages in folders automatically and transparently.



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Albumtagger - A Python script which auto-fills album names in ID3 meta-data.

A Python script which auto-fills album names in ID3 meta-data. It calls API's and extracts alum information.

Smartselect - JavaScript toolkit provided features to create and adjust different form components su

FWC:SmartSelect is entirely free and published under the MIT license library, allowing to create as possible simply different multifunctional form components such as "Combo Box", "Select List", "Input Autofill" etc. Library provides a lot of features, such as: simple templating system based on XHTML/CSS and XSL; very comfortable functions to load list items via AJAX; input autocomplete (Google Suggest analogue); library supports to choose multiple number of list items; list-management and naviga

Outlook Autofiler

Outlook AutoFiler - Outlook 2007 - VBA coded project in Outlook to assist in filing emails into organized sub-folders.

Eflexweb - software for above avarage users

Welcome to the Google Code page for This pages are intended for above-average end-users. Current projects can be viewed through SVN browser or SVN checkout Persianhub.orgIn Progress: FastNavi, OSX style dock for based on RocketDock In Progress: AutoPassword, Auto-fill passwords needed for files Overall status: In Progress. XBMCProjectNotesXBMC | SummaryXBMC In Progress: minor changes PMIII skin Finished: WebInterfaceXBMC In Progress: update or fix script

Sexy-combo - jQuery plugin that turns your existing selectboxes into combo boxes

Sexy Combo jQuery plugin Introduction Sexy Combo is a jQuery plugin that replaces drop downs with a more usable and style-able version then the browser default. The plugin offers: Skinned drop downs: A sexy default skin included, but modular code and smart CSS make it easy to style however you want. Filtering select via typing: Start typing to narrow down a large list, rather then scrolling thru a huge list. Lots of configuration options to tweak its behavior. Support for multiple options This p

Speedx - SpeedX (Web Browser)

SpeedX is a simple web browser developed for Mac OSX, it currently has: Back Button, Forward Button, Reload Page Button, Stop Reloading Button, and Text Larger and Smaller Buttons. We are going to add: search box, homepage customization, autofill, bookmarks and stability. Full credit for this application goes to: George D. Scott

Group-magic - Enrollment Plugin with Automatic Grouping for Moodle

Group-Magic, Enrollment Plugin for Moodle 2.0 Group-Magic is an external enrollment plugin for Moodle 2.0 which auto-groups students on enrollment. The plugin can automatically create groups as needed. It removes the need for manual grouping of students. FeaturesAutomatically adds students to groups Automatically creates groups if needed (Optional) Configurable maximum group size Supports manual group overloading Sequential or balanced auto-filling of groups Supports Moodle's database transactio

Cfxtemplate - Coldfusion XTemplate replacement

ExtJS's XTemplate coldfusion server site replacement. A template class that supports advanced functionality like: Autofilling arrays using templates and sub-templates Conditional processing with basic comparison operators Basic math function support Execute arbitrary inline code with special built-in template variables Many special tags and built-in operators that aren't defined as part of the API, but are supported in the templates that can be created

Magento-postcode-lookup - UK Focussed Magento Postcode Address Auto-Filler

A module for Magento to pull up UK addresses via PAF data providers such as Allied Computing and Postcode Anywhere. Discussion here: