Auto Builder

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An automatic package building suite designed for distributed builds of packages on virtualized build nodes.



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Autobuildtool - AutoBuild is a continuous testing tool for .NET

AutoBuild is a continuous testing tool for .NET that builds and runs your tests after every save. An introduction to AutoBuild can be found here:

Daowalk - this is simple web interface to system autobuild projects for C++

This is simple web interface to system autobuild projects for C++. This project is created for internal use in «Research & Engineering Center of Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University» (R&EC ETU)

Autobuilddotnet - A simple command-line testing tool for .net

A simple command-line utility that will run your buildfiles periodically. Don't hold your breath, it's VERY basic.

Cannabix - build system

Its a Perl based build system for Linux From Scratch, etc. It sucks, needs work. Available Information: BuildSystem InitSystem BuildScripts MiscCoolLinks autobuild - builds a toolchain, if you're lucky, build scripts out of date.. mcp.cgi - modular web interface includes the best js HTML editor FCKeditor, text/config editor, etc. Currently only texteditor saves properly, if that.. sdldemo - SDL::OpenGL demo Have fun. :)

Seautils - Shared scripts/tools useful in linux/windows


Web-config - WebConfig lets you use a web browser to configure your application.

IntroductionIf you own a wireless router or set-top box, you probably know about the W.A.P. (web admin page) used to configure it. Besides embedded systems, web interfaces also come in handy for server applications (such as auto-builders) where you want more security than VNC, dynamically generated forms that look good, and debug tools for real-time simulation like games. Adding an HTTP server to your application means you can control it with a web browser through a network connection. UsageThis


A script to autobuild an open source toolchain for the PS3.


watch(1) periodically executes the given command - useful for auto-testing, auto-building, auto-anything

Counterclockwise - Counterclockwise is an Eclipse plugin helping developers write Clojure code

PresentationCounterclockwise is an Eclipse plugin helping developers write Clojure code. Installing Counterclockwise and starting testing/developing in clojure is really just a matter of minutes! ANNOUNCE SPONSORSHIP !! Relevance ( is sponsoring Counterclockwise development! STABLE RELEASE 0.8.0 (as of 2012/05/03) (see the corresponding Release Notes page for detail) VIDEOSgetting started video : (no sound