Auto generator of Java persistance layer

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This project aims to assist developers in developing java EE persistance layer for existing database tables. It gets metadata of selected database tables and generates classes for them. it uses and extends the ideas of DbGen project to EJB 3.0 POJO.



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Sutra is work in progress, for project announcements, register here: Following definition of the word Sutra is extracted from wikipedia: "Su-tra, literally means a rope or thread that holds things together, and more metaphorically refers to an aphorism (or line, rule, formula), or a collection of such aphorisms in the form of a manual." Sutra for our purpose is the thread that ties your java objects with the underlying jdbc based database. Introductio

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J2cms-org - J2CMS是一款基于JAVAEE平�的开�内容管�系统.采用Spring2.5 + Struts2. J2CMS是一款基于JAVAEE平�的开�内容管�系统.采用Spring2.5 + Struts2.1 + JPA1.0(Hibernate3.3)+FreeMarker + MySQL开�. 开�环境 : eclipse-jee-indigo-SR1-win32 JDK 1.6 Apache tomcat 6.0 MySQL 5.5 系统�赖的其它jar包版本�以在lib目录里看到 安装说明: 1.将数�库文件(在根目录)j2cms.sql 导入数�库。   方法一,用MySQLAdministrator导入   方法二,用MySQL命令导入: mysql> create database j2cms; mysql>

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<<@VERSION:0.7.1>> MyRoundcube PluginsYour comments are appreciatedComments CRITICALNo critical issues known LICENSEGNU GPL News:plugin_manager To install this plugin is the only way to get updates for this bundle. Do not download bundled release from the download section here. Since Roundcube 0.7.2 bundle > v1.0 updates have to be directly fetched from the mirror server by using plugin_manager! SKINSlitecube-f by Unlock For Us Volunteers wanted !!!I have to maintain much too much plugins. If yo