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AutoForm is a Gtk application which creates dynamically forms to fill/search/modify/delete data in a database, according to a description file written in XML.



Related Projects

Autorun Manager

Autorun Manager, egrave; un semplice programma sviluppato in Visual Basic 2010, che permette di gestire i programmi che si avviano con Windows, consentendo di rimuoverne e aggiungerne. Il software inoltre include un form di impostazioni per l'Auto-Login, ovvero, l'accesso automatico ad un determinato account all'avvio di Windows (senza quindi richiesta di password o quant'altro).

LibreOffice - The Document foundation

LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. LibreOffice is the perfect choice for home users, businesses, government and other organizations. It's native file format is the ISO standardized ODF (Open Document Format), but LibreOffice can open and save Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, as well as many other formats, bringing you the widest-available compatibility with other products.

Saintbackup - auto travian


Autowebframe - a simple frame for web

Autoframe is a web frame by java, is simple to develop web project. Introduction: 1. auto create DAO, Services, Actions, Forms, Config 2. auto create DAO base functions. 3. auto create URL Maps.

Mini-hibernate-php - auto generator code mysql dao in php

auto generator entity, html form, create,update,select,delete in DAO Class for php

Rformunit - a functional testing framework for windows applications in Ruby

rFormUnit is a simple framework for automated testing Windows Form applications. It wraps AutoItX COM API to provide an alternative way to write an easy to use, readable automated functional tests.

Jdbform - jDBForm - Update your database tables: your way

Auto-creates or lets you customize a form for searching and updating a database table

Addedbytes-userscripts - Userscripts from Added Bytes

A project for the various userscripts released on Added Bytes including, at the time of writing: XSS Alarm Auto-Save Forms Number Google Results Number MSN Results Search Jump

Rich Control Library

Provides improved or enhanced controls for WinForm, such as TextBox with prompt text support, kinds of validation with auto formatting, and advanced keyboard and mouse events monitor.

Django-ckeditor - CKEditor widget for Django

A Django application that contains a widget to render a form field as a CKEditor editor. Features: Use as a form widget or with a view. Auto-save drafts. Automatically delete the draft. Automatically Clean HTML code. Can be output in plain text. Integration with django-filebrowser(recommended). NOTE: Now moved to (Upcoming releases)