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AUTO is a publicly available software for continuation and bifurcation problems in ordinary differential equations originally written in 1980 and widely used in the dynamical systems community.



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Cucaautosave - Autosave para formulários html.

Cuca Auto Save FormAutosave para páginas que utilizem formulário html. Pode ser utilizado em qualquer formulário. DemoDemo do projeto: DocumentaçãoManual do plugin DonwloadLink para donwload do plugin

Gedit-autotab - Auto Tab for Gedit

What is it?Auto Tab is a plugin for Gedit that auto-detects indent settings (width and tab/spaces) in source files and adjusts tabbing accordingly for each buffer on the fly. Useful for people who are working on multiple projects or with other people's code, as coding styles often vary and needs to be preserved. Note that Auto Tab does not reformat or change the source code to use your favorite tab length - this is for the developer that wants or needs to work with the source as-it-is. Note on G

Ivybeans - Ivy integration in Netbeans

IvyBeansDescriptionIvyBeans provide full Apache Ivy integration into the library management feature of the Netbeans IDE. This includes support for : managing and downloading dependencies setting the project classpath, editing the relevant configuration files used by Ivy, generating distribution files. After a quick and simple demonstration available on Netbeans TV, you can discover the current implemented features, and finally install it. News20110113 : 1.2 released New version of the Ivybeans p

Magicwars - A trading card game to play via internet

Now MagicWars dev team works on another MTG project. You can find us at MagicWars (MW) is a Magic The Gathering based game implemented using Java technologies that can be played via internet. At the moment it also has Scripting Engine so you can create your own cards and basic AI to play versus Computer. Version in Downloads section:, 1111 cards Version in SVN:, 1221 cards Please vote here: Vote... Blog on blogspot: Read Forum: Visit It can be playe

Google-translate-desktop - Desktop based google translate

This is a free unofficial Java desktop client based on Google Translate service. It uses google-translate-api-v2-java library for the main engine, which uses the Google Translate API v2. Note: The application requires Java (JDK or JRE) 1.6 or later. What's new?Version 0.7 Improved files support: As before, dragging files to the "Text to translate" will place the files' content. Ctrl + dragging will place the files as objects and hitting Translate will translate and save them as files. A special

Dict4ini - An ini configure process module, and deal with ini file as a dict object

Dict4Ini''This module is used to process ini format configuration file. It acts just like a dict, but you can also access it's sections and options with attribute syntax, just like x.test.'' Why reinvent this module?I used Config4Obj module for GoogleTalkBot software (confbot) to deal with configuration file. But I found its lacks on: Only can access options as x['name']['o'], but not as You must create section first, then you can access its options. So if you didn't create x['name']={}

Google-docs-upload - A tool for batch uploading documents to a Google Docs account with recursive di

Google Docs Batch Upload A tool for batch uploading documents to a Google Docs account with recursive directory traversing. The tool supports PDF upload. Please note, uploading any types of files without conversion is available only for Google Apps for Business accounts due to API restrictions. To run the application you need Java 1.6 (JRE 6) or greater installed: IMPORTANT: if you get the following error: "Uploading without conversion is only available to Google Ap

Dokuwiki-smartcard-authentication - Smartcard auth developed for Estonian ID card but can be used wi

VERSION HISTORY2011 07 20 - Added canDo['logout']=>true for Dokuwiki v2011-05-25, so logging out would work 2011 02 15 - SSL_CLIENT_S_DN instead of SSL_CLIENT_CERT is used (due headers can't be multiline and behind proxy SSL_CLIENT_CERT is not available in correct format) and added few language files for en, et, uk and ru. 2010 05 22 - Added info message if Smartcard cert was not found 2010 05 22 - Added session_start() to inc/auth/smartcard/index.php to solve auth fail when session.auto_start=0

Nxt-web - GTD tool for myself

I've created and used this GTD web application personally for years. If you like my application, then welcome to use it :-) NXT now supports twitter! Please note that only my NXT code is distributed under GPL3; other parts of the system have their own licenses. NXT Developers/Users Group - For upgrade, refer UpgradeMigration News2010-08-21 fixed foolish packaging mistake; now search will work on MS Windows(Win32) platform. 2010-02-03 fixed bug in twitter se

Eclipselogviewer - =Eclipse Log Viewer=

Eclipse Plug-in for tailing log files and eclipse consoles (e.g. SVN, Java Stack Trace, CDT), including syntax coloring with either a regular expression or a word match. It allows you to have multiple logs open concurrently. Install using the Update Manager or extract zip file to eclipse/dropin folder. The update site URL is Install descriptions: