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Austin is a program for project management. It is a command line Windows program that manipulates project timelines in XML. It can produce HTML output and Gantt charts in PNG format.



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this is for austin create project

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Java Implementation of Paxos project for CS371D - Distributed Computing, Fall 2009, University of Texas at Austin.

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This will be a central repository for Speakers to put their presentations and code samples. It will also serve as a location for people to download presentations from the conference.

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EE360P: Concurrent and Distributed SystemsMulti User Collaborative WhiteboardBob Yu, Michael Diaz-Tello, Peter Tran The University of Texas at Austin - Spring 2009 AbstractWe developed a proof-of-concept cross-platform whiteboard application for individuals to visually and textually communicate with each other over the internet. We developed this application to allow individuals to enter an environment where they can all view and draw on a shared whiteboard to communicate information visually an

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Originally created at GGJ 2010 in Austin by Team HardCore, this game uses the year's themes ('deception', 'a man, a plan or a canal') for both story and gameplay. The team name arises from the fact that we decided to create a game engine and a game from from the ground up, using C++ and OpenGL. Original Team Members: Yurij Bryndzia - Producer/Writer Peter Djeu - Lead Programmer Mike Lozano - Artist/Designer Henry Reid - Gameplay Programmer With a definite 8/16-bit retro theme in mind, this is a

Austin .Net Users Group

the austin .net users group

Project Austin

Austin is a digital note-taking app for Windows 8.