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The aUnit project is aiming to develop a unit test tool for cross-cutting concerns, commonly referred to as aspects.



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Ada-util - Ada Utility Library

Ada Util is a collection of utility packages for Ada 2005. Several packages are inspired from Java packages and libraries (Java properties, log4j, ...) Measures performs performance measurement of Ada code ConcurrentCounter provides an efficient concurrent counter data type Log implements a simple logging facility close to Log4j Properties allows to manage name/value properties such as Java property and Java bundle files StringTransforms defines various string transformations functions and proce

tint2 - Native Javascript Applications

* Commercial Support<h2>Status</h2>[![Codacy Badge](]( | OSX | Windows | Linux | iOS | Android ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | ---------- | ----------Build | [![Build Status](]( | [![Build


Simple macros for unit testing C code


Antlr v3 JUnit testing

AUnit - Another Basic Test Framework

Another Basic Test Framework

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