Auge - a portfolio management tool

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Auge is an easy-to-use financial portfolio management application. Auge will help you monitor and analyze your stock and mutual fund positions, providing powerful insight into your entire investment portfolio.



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A PostgreSQL Interface for Tcl

pgtclng (PostgreSQL Tcl Next-Generation) is a loadable Tcl module for accessing PostgreSQL databases. It was forked from pgtcl in Feb 2004, moved to in Aug 2006 and to in Mar 2011. Its API is a superset of the pure-Tcl companion project pgintcl.

DSA Toolbox

DSAToolbox is a collection of tools for users and gamemasters of Das Schwarze Auge 4th Edition, a roleplaying game from Germany, known as The Dark Eye. The software itself is translated in English, German and Dutch.

Panicsel IPMI project

The panicsel IPMI utilities provide adminstrator tools to perform IPMI management functions. A kernel patch is also included (bmc_panic). NOTE: As of Aug2004, THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED to, and all later versions are available there.

Pydee - IMPORTANT: Pydee was renamed to Spyder

Latest news:15-Aug-2009: Spyder's Google Code website is available here (mercurial repository is ready and up-to-date) 14-Aug-2009: Spyder v1.0.0beta2 is available 10-Aug-2009: Spyder v1.0.0beta1 is available 08-Aug-2009: Pydee has been renamed to Spyder (for Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment) - Spyder's Google Code website will soon be available, as well as Spyder 1.0.0beta1 - as a consequence, Spyder's mercurial repository is currently not available (only Pydee 1.0.0beta1 source code i

Runningcalculator - Program that calculates pace per mile.

A small Java based program that calculates pace per mile. It includes both Imperial and Metric units. NewsAug 22, 2008- Version 0.1 was just uploaded. Screen Shots

Wine-cellar - WineCellar - Making it easy to run Mircosoft Windows applications on Linux

News30th Aug 2010 - Development have started on the new home for WineCellar. 28th Aug 2010 - Preview released - pre0.1 21st Aug 2010 - Work has begun on setting standards for WineCellar. 10th Aug 2010 - Wine-Doors site seems to be dead. 8th May 2010 - Wine Package Manager(WPM) renamed to WineCellar. AboutWineCellar helps you run and install applications and games designed for Microsoft Windows. WineCellar uses online repositories so that applications and games can be added to WineCellar at any t

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The 29th Olympic Games will be launched at Beijing during Aug. 08-24 2008. It's a full of expectations thing for all of the world! I just deliver this program to show us the countdown and the schedule of every sport items. ---------------------------------------------------...

Cf-netcdf-python - DEPRECATED Python/netCDF4/numpy interface to the proposed CF-netCDF data model. U

The python cf moduleA minimal reference inplementation of the proposed CF-netCDF data model. 28 Aug 2011 DO NOT USE THIS UNSUPPORTED, DEPRECIATED CODE.PLEASE USE cf-python INSTEAD.

Cs2103aug2010ce2 - CE2

This page is set up by a group of people from NUS Singapore for their Codeing Exercise 2 of the module CS2103.