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The plan: Human moves mouse to control realtime generated music which artificial intelligence (AI) changes to try to control Human's hand on mouse. AI translates music problems to programming problems, organizing Humans unconsciously through internet to build AI. --- Versions 0.2 and 0.3 were never finished, so 0.1.8 is newest. The code of the version 0.2 zip file expanded into my other projects, Human AI Net, Giga Line Compile, BayesianCortex, Physicsmata, and a few others. I will eventually merge it all into 1 system where Audivolv is the intelligent user-interface for the realtime interactive audio, a global peer to peer AI system to network our minds together at the subconscious level. Music is a good interface for that. So is flowing visuals, but those are more in the BayesianCortex and Physicsmata projects.



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