Audit Test Project

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audit-test is a test suite designed to provide automated testing for the light-weight audit framework that first appeared in the 2.6.4 kernel. It has been used regularly since RHEL4 and has most recently been updated for RHEL6.3 and SLES11. The test suite now covers functionality beyond audit and includes the automated tests required for the BSI OSPP, including labeled security and virtualization.



Related Projects

SQL Data Capture - Black Box Application Testing

A tool for capturing and analyzing data modifications; an audit trail generator with a data modifications viewer. Helps with testing, troubleshooting and exploring application functionality. ASP.NET 3.5 C#, SMO application. Audit and CRUD generators are included.

P4f - Portable Attacking Framework

P4fIntroductionThis framework aims to be a portable set of libraries (c++)that can be used to audit and pen testing different pieces of software and networks easily. ContentCrypto library(on dev): crypto Planning to include OpenSSL library in order to facilitate functionalities with libcrypto and libssl.

Pymangle - PyMangle

PyMangle is both a python command line tool and a python library used to create word lists for use with other penetration testing tools.

Shelley - Multiple Language Web Admin Panel (PHP/ASP/JSP/JS)

Shelley us a multiple language web administration panel, that serves to audit the security features of the web server. It includes exploits for several known vulnerabilities, for testing the configuration of the web server. The project includes 4 webshells in: PHP, ASP, JSP, and JavaScript. Under Development.


Packit is a network auditing tool that allows you to monitor, manipulate, and inject customized IP traffic into your network. This can be valuable for testing firewalls, intrusion detection systems, port scanning, and general TCP/IP auditing.

Toink - Best pratice framework supported by Guice and Hibernate

IntroductionIdea behind this project was pretty simple. Create an easy application using Google Guice and Hibernate (with JPA Annotations). The goal was (and still is) to have XML-free project. Also, this project should grow to be an easy start-up project for all later projects. ModulesToink (core)This is the main project, the actual core that will be used in later projects. It's based on Guice (for DI) and Hibernate (for persistence). There are some additional libraries such log4j (for logging)

Sipvicious - Tools for auditing SIP based VoIP systems

What is SIPVicious tool suite?SIPVicious suite is a set of tools that can be used to audit SIP based VoIP systems. It currently consists of four tools: svmap - this is a sip scanner. Lists SIP devices found on an IP range svwar - identifies active extensions on a PBX svcrack - an online password cracker for SIP PBX svreport - manages sessions and exports reports to various formats svcrash - attempts to stop unauthorized svwar and svcrack scans RequirementsPythonSIPVicious works on any system tha

Trango-j - Agile Code Generation Framework for Java

JEE Agile code generation mechanismTrango combines Annotation and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) technologies to generate boiler plate, persistent, unit test coverage code automatically during the compilation process. This allows developers unlimited degrees of freedom to express themsevles, while taking advantage of code generation productivity. Here are some of Trango's AGILITY features. Generates common boiler plate code (i.e. getter/Setter, id,audit fields,etc) Generates POJO SERVICE and

Intrinsec-xmlrpc-scanner - Perform discovery against XML-RPC entry point and bruteforce on authentic

Intrinsec XML-RPC ScannerSummaryThis program is developped as a POC to perform security audits against XML-RPC services. It is developped in python using xlmrpclib and allow to: Perform discovery of available methods Perform bruteforce attacks against authentication using known methods (or as a base to implement a bruteforce against a new one) Build authenticated attacks (the script is ready to accept login / password and new tests) HistoryThe tool has been developped Cyrille Barthelemy and Loic

Mukhtiar - Another PHP 5.3.x based framework.It's light weight easy to use and fast by default

Still cooking to provide tremendous features... 1. Support for MONGO DB,Cassandra (NoSQL), 2. Separate client side js feamework so that less js and run by default fast, 3. Support for Varnish & akami, 4. Support for Gearman, 5. Support global object caching, 6. Nice debugging using x-debug, 7. Support Query logger, 8. Audit manager lib, 9. APC & HTML caching support, 10. Inbuilt support for pear packages(phploc,phpmd,phpcs), 11. Nice support for unit testing 12. Support ADO layer,phing,propel in