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The Audioscrobbler development project has moved to a new site at This project is no longer in use.



Related Projects


SlimScrobbler is a plug-in for Slim Devices SlimServer software to automatically track and submit played track data to the Last.FM site. LastFM is a plugin for playing internet radio streams from Last.FM. (LastFM was formerly known as AudioScrobbler)

Jscrobbler - Java API for AudioScrobbler WebServices

The Audioscrobbler system is a massive database that tracks listening habits and calculates relationships and recommendations based on the music people listen to. jScrobbler is a java API that access Audioscrobbler webservices. UserGuide

Scrobblerj - Object Oriented Java API for Audioscrobbler Web Services

Audioscrobbler offers profile and information on listeners,artists,etc. in various formats. ScrobblerJ aims to give access to these data services from Java. URL for full list of Audioscrobbler Web Services:

Jlfm - java library: simple access to the radio service of lastfm and audioscrobbler.

The goal of this project is to offer a java library to simply access the radio service of and audioscrobbler.

Audioscrobblerdotnet - A library to Audioscrobbler / Last.FM written in C#

This library allows you to send track or tracks information to the Audioscrobbler / Last.FM API. Its written in C#.

Ascrblr - Java API for Audioscrobbler Protocols and Web Services

Audioscrobbler is a service that tracks listening habits. It offers services for audio meta data submission, feeds for several listening statistics and artist informations and some streaming capabilities. This project aims to implement these services in the Java language.

Pscrobbler - a PHP5 Object Oriented interface for recieving data from Audioscrobbler

DescriptionPscrobbler is a Object-Oriented PHP5 interface to the Audioscrobbler Webservices API. The implementation is not complete yet, but many feeds are already supported. The requests are cached, wich means it loads faster and is doesn't overload the Audioscrobbler servers. With the release of verision 2 of, the webservices from Audioscrobbler has been changed which caused scrobbler to not work. I'm working on a almost complete rewrite of pscrobbler. Stay tuned for updates. It works

Audioscrobbler-tools - A set of tools written in .NET for interacting with and Audioscrobble

Presently we have Audioscrobbler.ClientInteraction, a .NET library to replace the C++ ScrobSub library. We aim to support .NET 2.0, and Mono (although the ClientInteraction library is only supported on Windows for now due to client limitations). Hopefully soon we will have a simple API for accessing Audioscrobbler web services. A future goal would be a cross-platform client replacement, written in .NET/Gtk# that integrates nicely with the Gnome desktop, and buffers scrobbling from Linux

Music-trendz - Random Music Data Visualization Scripts

We use data from sources such as AudioScrobbler, Amarok and iTunes to generate data visualizations.