Simple Audiocodec

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Simple AudioCodec(SAC) is a totally free batch audio transcoder, which can easily convert most of music files and various popular audio files to MP3, MP4, iPod and other MP3 player file formats at high speed and CD quality.



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Mkvtomp4 - Convert H.264 mkv files (without re-encoding the video) to mp4 files playable on the PS3

mkvtomp4Gavin Beatty <> mkvtomp4: Uses mpeg4ip or GPAC's MP4Box, mkvtoolnix and ffmpeg to convert troublesome mkv files to mp4. The conversion does not re-encode the video and only re-encodes the audio if it doesn't use AAC codec (one can override this behaviour using --audio-codec). They will be playable on the Sony PS3. From the manual: NAME mkvtomp4 - convert H.264 mkv files to mp4 files playable on the PS3 SYNOPSIS mkvtomp4 [OPTIONS] [--] <mkvfile> mkvtomp4 --correct-pro

wavpack - A completely open audiocodec

A completely open audiocodec


A completely open audiocodec