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AUC for Education is an GPLed intranet system designed for use in a K-12 setting that provides a web-based environment for students and teachers to interact via quot;Interactive Classroomsquot; and other innovative features.



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Tccemulator - A C# TCC Emulator

Advanced Processor Architecture Term Project (AUC).


AUCS is a file management system.

Portalit - PoRtAl It !

PoRtAl It! is the portal cms of the dreams: easy to use,easy for development, easy customizeable and secure out of the box. Featues: 1. Using Themes,Modules and More 2. AUC (Automatic Updating System) Out Of Box 3. Easy To Install 4. Based on page templates 5. Builded with 25+ Modules and 3 themes and more featurs...

Auctionator-lua-reader - Creating a working lua reader that records market trends from WoW addon Auc

A php script that interprets your auctionator lua file and grabs the lowest prices recorded for every item on the WoW Auctionhouse. It then takes that information and graphs it over time using JPGraph.


AUC-DBMS is an XML-based DBMS. Created by: Mohamed El-Geish and Ahmed Hamza. Supervised by: Dr. Awad Khalil and Mohamed Attia. The American University in Cairo - Computer Science Department (

Odsroc - statistical software for new diagnostic methods under test-result-depedent sampling

The area under a ROC curve (AUC) and the partial area under a ROC curve (pAUC) are two important summary measures for assessing the accuracy of a diagnostic test discriminating a binary true disease status. We develop nonparametric estimation of AUC and pAUC under a biased sampling scheme in which a random sample is supplemented with a test-result-dependent sample. Such biased sampling scheme can arise from an existing study with sampling limitation or a study under development for better estima


AucDataMiner makes it easier for World of Warcraft players to monitor Auction House activity as recorded by Auctioneer. It's developed in VB.NET.

Aucmail - Web-based email migration wizard to GMail

Google and The American University in Cairo (AUC) formed a partnership to enhance the services provided by AUC to their students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Google provided AUC with access to the Google Apps platform. OpenCraft was brought forward as the technical partner to implement this application which was built to ease the email and contacts migration for each of the 13,000 users that comprise the AUC online community. OpenCraft developed a self-service migration portal which takes the us