Zaval Advanced TV Guide

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Zaval Advanced TV Guide (also known as ATV) is a small and nifty program that allows TV schedule viewing with your PDA, so you will be always informed on what's on TV. With our product you can do TV programs tracking and much more!



Related Projects


TVGuide for Pocket PC - TV schedule viewer. This is Pocket PC analogue of Palm program Advanced TV Guide (ATV).

Ntv - Astronomical FITs viewer written in python. Inspired by atv for idl

This project was inspired by atv for idl, and motivated by a lack of good alternatives. This program is used to visualize Fits fils, and information about objects within those fits files.

Pypbo - collection of routines dedicated to analyzing PBO data

A collection of python modules dedicated to analyzing PBO data: BOTTLE files borehole logging (ATV) data SAC may be handled with ObsPy XML ICE9 (TODO) For ATV data: program to hand pick and analyze fractures XML data: XmlStrain downloads and parses NCEDC level 2 processed strain


ATV3D is a three dimensional air traffic visualization tool funded by EUROCONTROL and developed at Linkoping University (Sweden).

Atv2xml - Perl TV/Movie Scraper for ATVFiles (Apple TV) and XBMC

atv2xmlThis project is a Perl-based TV & Movie scraper designed to create XML Metadata files used by ATVFiles. Initial support has been added to support the output of XBMC .nfo files as well. Please let me know if you would like to contribute changes or help with this project. RequirementsA jailbroken Apple TV (see atvusb-creator to do this and make sure you also install Software Menu). Use Software Menu to install NitoTV and ATVFiles. Run NitoTV Smart Installer to provide the ability to mount S

Atv-hddutil - Apple TV Hard Drive Utility

Coming soon: Apple TV hard drive utility. A specialised patchstick for repartitioning your aTV hard drive with ease

Partedmagic-atv - parted magic, with parted patched to manage ATV partition

Parted Magic 2.2 remastered to include parted patched with atv handling functionality. It's goal is enable the creation of USB bootloader for Apple TV appliance.

Payloadr - Apple TV payload manager

An application that manages applications for aTV via SSH.