Chaotic Attractors

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Chaotic Attractors is a JAVA program to generate images of chaotic attractors. Chaotic attractors are used in chaos theory. Even though they have their seeds in science, they are very artistic. They are great as wallpaper, too.



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Attractorviewer - A project to view and render selected strange attractors in 3d space.

This simple program renders a variety of strange attractors in 3d space. These represent iterative chaotic functions that display fractal behaviour. Currently, the executable .jar file contains three simple examples of strange attractors. However, the program is structured so that functions, cameras, and renderers can easily be interchanged without major changes to the user interface.

Inkscape-lorenzify - Inkscape lorenzify is an extension that tries to using the lorenz attractor to

Inkscape lorezify is an attempt to use the Lorenz attractor aka 'The butterfly affect' to generate coordinates for a path base on points from a seed path. The idea for this extension came from an Auckland university architectural student Ri Williamson (2011). Ri wanted to have a way of feeding data from a floor plane into a function that would apply this affect to it. Then using the results as building blocks or influences in her work.

Attractor Explorer 3D

Allows the exploration and rendering of 3D strange attractors on Mac OS X using the Cocoa API.

Satdash - SAT Dash - A small game about destroying satellites

Welcome, Glarxz. As you know we are planning invasion of the planet Earth and subsequent enslavement of all its unwary natives. You will be responsible for the important task of sabotaging Earthling satellites on Sector 9 of the Earth orbit. Remember, the more satellites you will destroy the more your bonus will be. Here is your Magnetic Attractor, Corporal. Now get going. It seems that your task as a generic green alien on active duty is to destroy satellites orbiting Earth! Destroy as much as

Peterdejong - Using Peter De Jong attractor as an example for code optimization on OS X

Using Peter De Jong attractor to explore optimization techniques on OS X.


A Software Laboratory for studying the properties of different types of Random Boolean Networks. It can calculate attractor statistics, graphic representation of dynamics, topology graph, etc. In Java, more at

365strangeattractors - 365 Strange Attractors Theme

An iGoogle theme for my 365 Strange Attractors project. One strange attractor for each day in 2010.

Numerical-lorenz-attractor - Implementação em linguagem C de métodos numéricos, aplicados no sis

Implementação em linguagem C dos métodos numéricos de Euler (explicito), Heun ("Euler Aprimorado") e Runge-Kutta (RK44, classico), aplicados no sistema de equações dos atratores de Lorenz. Versão original por Ryoichi Mizuno ( O programa gera a saida - separando por espaço - as variaveis (colunas) em cada instante de tempo (linhas). Para exibição utilizamos o gnuplot, fazendo: $> lorenzAttractor > lorenz.out$> gnuplotgnuplot> set term pnggnuplot> s

Hscallop - Houdini SOP system for stochatic concurrent attractors set generation.

Scallop point generatorThis is Scallop SOP - node, which generate pointsets laying in non-linear concurrent strange attractors pools. More information about them you may find at Wikipedia article SOP Node produced next data : Raw poinsets, which may be reused as geometric quantity Baked point sets, spooled to file Division map, stored as bgeo, for reusing it at slicing Division atlas for custom executable, which can not use bgeo-based division maps (possible, it will reworked for JSON format usi