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Very high quality techniques for enhancing colours in images. Applications are aesthetic, where the image quality is to be improved, and interpretive, where the speed and accuracy of interpretation (eg medical diagnostic) is important.



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This is where I store my code. Licensed under MIT license, unless specified otherwise.

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Stevenjaycohen - Code in the Attic

Here is a collection of the software that I have written over the years, in my spare time. I am not developing any of these applications anymore. Many of them are outdated. None of it is supported. The name of this page takes its name from my favorite Billy Joel album.

Afn-tools - AFN Tools: Useful programs for the Attic Full of Nerds

AFN Tools is Alexander Boyd's "Labs" project, the place he writes all of his libraries and tools that he's not sure will ever see wide enough use to warrant their own projects. More information is available in the README.

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attic for trackguy

arscanner - --- IN ATTIC BECAUSE:


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