At-tension CMS

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PHP based CMS system which is designed to run on any PHP capable web-server Features: - No own templating language - No cryptographic urls (urls will follow menu structure) - XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.1 compliant - Follow WAI suggestions - I18n



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Nginx-hmux-module - the module implements resin's hmux protocol in nginx

Name nginx_hmux_module - support hmux protocol proxy with NginxDescription With this module, Nginx can connect to Resin through hmux protocol directly. The backend connections are keepalive. The motivation of writing this module is Nginx's high performance and robustness.Attension 1)it is tested in linux only 2)it's for resin 3.0 or above 3)it's for nginx 0.7.* or above and won't work with nginx 0.6.*. 4)you can use tcpcopy( to test this module 5)if you have any