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attachment_doc is a SquirrelMail plugin that allows users to view the document attachments in their emails using their browsers. The plugin translates documents into html format. Currently supports MSWord (DOC) and Portable Document Format (PDF) !



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Fogbugz-python - FogBugz API for creating and editing cases in the FogBugz ticket system.

This is a very simple API for performing basic tasks with FogBugz cases. Open, Edit, Close w/ File Attaching is supported. No other access to FogBugz is provided by this library (No Wiki, Docs, etc..)

Php-mime-mail-parser - PHP Mime Mail Parser

This project strives to create a fast and efficient PHP Mime Mail Parser Class using PHP's MailParse Extension. Example Usage<?phprequire_once('MimeMailParser.class.php');$path = 'path/to/mail.txt';$Parser = new MimeMailParser();$Parser->setPath($path);$to = $Parser->getHeader('to');$from = $Parser->getHeader('from');$subject = $Parser->getHeader('subject');$text = $Parser->getMessageBody('text');$html = $Parser->getMessageBody('html');$attachments = $Parser->getAttachments();?>There are three i

Applicant-doc-merge - Merge HR job applicant documents that are stored along with applications

This project provides code that can be used in conjunction with other open source projects in order to merge HR job applicant attachments into a single PDF file. The following document formats are currently supported: Microsoft Word (.doc) Rich Text Format (.rtf) Portable Document Format (.pdf) Open Office Writer (.odt) TIF image (.tif) JPG image (.jpg) This project would be used in conjunction with a Recruiting system (such as Oracle/PeopleSoft Human Capital Management). Most Recruiting systems

Invisible-js - Javascript Documentation Framework (Markdown, Textile, Wiki format support)

About Invisible.jsInvisible.js is javascript documentation framework. Featuresdocument auto loading (url anchor or html attribute) switching parser (Markdown, Textile, Wiki, Json, Html) dynamically switching between documents (browser back support) attach jarty template engine (Smarty like language) Required Pluginsjquery jquery.history Supported document formatmarkdown textile wiki json Documentation and Examples

Event-dispatcher - package for event-driven development

Welcome to EventDispatcherEventDispatcher aides you in event-driven development. In event-driven developement you are using events (or often referred to as notifications) to build a flexible communication between different objects and components of your application. Objects may register themselves or any kind of event-listener to a specific type of event (e.g. a successful login by a user). Other objects will then send a notification when any event occured and attach some additional information

Gaiaflowplayer - GaiaFlowPlayer - FlowPlayer (.FLV) ajaxified as a ASP.NET server control

It has never been easier to enable High Quality Video on your internet site. Just add the control, set a few properties and you are finished. Complete project description and live samples at The Ajax mechanics was built on top of the powerful Ajax framework Gaia Ajax for ASP.NET and Mono, which is developed by Gaiaware. The control was written using C# 3.0 and the solution files can be opened in Visual Studio.NET 2008. Attached you will find VB.NET Samples and C# Samples for us

Jcrop - jQuery image cropping plugin

***Please note: This project has moved to github. is the quick and easy way to add image cropping functionality to your web application. It combines the ease-of-use of a typical jQuery plugin with a powerful cross-platform DHTML cropping engine that is faithful to familiar desktop graphics applications. Jcrop homepage for more info Jcrop Manual complete docs Demos and Examples FeaturesAttaches simply to any image in your HTML page Supports aspect ratio lockin

Owed - OWED - OWED Online Wiki Editor for DocBook

In today’s information age, the availability and accuracy of large amounts of web-based information can be attributed to the creation and usage of various types of collaborative software. One type of collaborative software in particular, the wiki, allows groups of people to freely create and change articles of information. With a large base of users collaboratively making small changes to a broad range of articles, a broad variety of information can be created and maintained, which has been ef

Google-document-translator - A Microsoft office document translator using google language translatio

Google Document Translator Disclaimer : Google Document Translator is not a product from Google. Neither it is endorsed nor it is supported by Google.This is a free and open source product, distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY Google provides a web interface to translate a document. But the constraint is, the translated document will be shown as a web-page and you can not get the translated document in your original binary format. This backlog prompts us to develop a desktop application which will e

Jzboy - Bare-bones Java wrapper for CouchDB API

NOTICE: The development of JZBoy has moved to GitHub. Please use that repository as the version on Google code isn't up-to-date. JZBoy is the most simple way to work with CouchDB from Java. Rather than provide a full-fledged persistence layer, it lets you work with CouchDB directly via JSON (using Jackson). This makes it fast and simple to use, adding as few lines as possible to your codebase. Use CasesJZBoy is perfect for when you don't need to map Java objects to JSON / CouchDB documents. Some