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Related Projects

Torpor - Persistence Abstraction for PHP

Torpor is a persistence layer abstraction for PHP with just-in-time fetch, caching, and multiple database support.

Offscreen Gecko

OffscreenGecko is a library for rendering HTML etc content to offscreen buffers, sitting atop of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine. The goal is to simplify embedding of Gecko into environments were its output is needed as pixel data, such as 3D engines.


a jabber (instant messaging) client running atop emacs.

Apache Beehive - Simple object model on J2EE and Struts

Beehive makes J2EE programming easier by building a simple object model on J2EE and Struts


ATopSearchEngine, a class project

Maimonide - an Erlang/OTP RDF Triple Store

Maimonide is an RDF Triple Store, SPARQL endpoint, and inference engine written atop the Erlang OTP platform.

Pygorillas - A clone of the classic Gorillas'N'Bananas game using PyGame.

Two warring gorillas stand atop skyscrapers at opposing sides of the screen. Clouds float across the top of the screen... menacingly. Gorillas take turns hurling explosive bananas at each other. Users determine where their bananas go by setting angle and speed separately using sliders at the bottom of the screen.

Reliable-core - Reliable Core Model are base abstractions that are used to create higher level abstr

Reliable Core Model are base abstractions that are used to create higher level abstractions. This layer can be used to establish a layered convention in an implementation. These base abstractions are what the domain may be modeled atop this layer. classes are internal, while those classes provide the implementation of the classes, only the client interfaces are exposed.


The Open Source Macro Programming System (Implemented in C# atop the DLR)

Eagle-py - Eagle is a python library to help GUI development.

Eagle is an abstraction layer atop Graphical Toolkits to make GUI programming as easy as possible. Eagle reaches this by narrowing what's possible to do and providing high level components with easy to use API. Other examples: Chaveiro (pt_BR: Brazilian Portuguese) módulo que implementa um chaveiro, onde podemos guardar senhas diversas usando criptografia RC4.