Atomik AppleScript for Ircle

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Atomik is an AppleScript that loads in Ircle and provides automatic channel management and interface enhancements.



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Moved to Github: Atomik is a micro PHP5 framework! Build with the KISS principle in mind Ultra lightweight Download and start, no configuration! Simple and powerful API Great plugin system Perfect for small websites Download the latest version now and get started with the manual. Visit the official site for more information:

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atomik-phppos-appsThis project was initialized on Monday, 22 March 2010, 10:44. The main goal of this project, is to familiarize self with GoogleCode to use for IT projects currently running at Atomik Motorsports. As the project progresses later on, more and more content will be updated. All of the resources within this project is not intended for public general use. All web-apps or products are to be used only within Atomik Motorsports business domain.

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a minecraft server!


Atomik is a free, open-source, micro framework for PHP5. Atomik is built for small web applications that do not need heavy frameworks but still want powerful features. It is build with the KISS principle in mind as well as speed and security. Atomik is also an ideal introduction for beginners to the world of web development frameworks.

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