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A Python module for generating Atom feeds.



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Phpfeeder - Simple Collection of PHP-Scripts to create your own News-Feed.

The phpFeeder is a small collection of script that allows anyone who has a web-server with PHP support and an mySQL-Database to add a news-feed-feature to their website. Just upload the the directory to your server make sure it's write-able and open the news.php-File. Everything else will be done by the script. What the script does in detail: 1. Installation process. Setup of your news-feed and connection to your database. 2. Administration for your news-feed. 3. Publishing of you news-feed. a)

Flaimo-php - A couple of PHP classes

My collection of PHP classes. At the moment contains following classes: iCalendarClasses for generating iCal-files. i18nClasses for internationalization. Mainly for translating strings. Translationstrings can be stored in different backends (like MySQL, Text, …). Since there is an interface you can create your own backend too. Further there are methods for converting measurements, currencies and numbers. vCardClasses for generating vCard-files. CacheSimple class for caching strings. RSS Builde

Redmics - Redmine ICS Export Plug-in

Plug-in for Redmine ( to export project issues and versions as ICalendar (ICS) files. ImportantThe current version 1.3.0 requires Redmine 1.4.0. After installing the plugin, please update all subscription URLs as there was a change in the URL format. Installationcd /opt/redmine/vendor/plugins svn co redmine_ics_export cd /opt/redmine bundle install --without development test After restarting Redmine, you should now see the plugin i

Paradiseboard - A big Boardsoftware with much functions.

1. Kern Den Kern des Systems bilden sog. Engines, welche dann auf die Plugins, Module und Komponenten zugreifen. Durch den Einsatz besagter, wird das System sehr flexibel und erweiterungsfähig. Momentan sind folgende Engines geplant: Userengine (Verantwortlich für: Rechte, Login, Registrierung, Profil, Signatur und Avatar.) Templateengine (Verantwortlich für das Aussehen des Forums.) Boardengine (Verantwortlich für Posts, Threads, Foren und Kategorien.) Registryengine (Übernimmt die Verwalt

atom_feed - Parsing Atom feeds

Parsing Atom feeds

atom-feed - Atom feed creation.

Atom feed creation.

atomfeed - Atom feed parser and generator for ruby

Atom feed parser and generator for ruby - GeoRSS version of the AtomFeed from werkzeug.contrib.atom

GeoRSS version of the AtomFeed from werkzeug.contrib.atom