The ATN TP4/CLNP Networking Suite

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Building: (1) ATN End System, (2) ATN Intermediate System. Funded by: the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, Indonesia. Supported by: (1) Swiss German University, Indonesia, (2) Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia.



Related Projects

Fosay - An Interlingual Machine Translator

Fosay is an interlingual machine translator written in Python 3.1. Fosay allows adding new languages by simply describing their grammar with ATNL (Augmented Transition Network Language) and their dictionary with CWS (Cascading Word Sheets).

Asdnetworks - Augmented Syntax Diagrams and Decision Networks

Augmented Syntax Diagrams (ASDs) are networks of directed graphs used to denote English grammar rules. The graph nodes can be augmented with computations similar to Wood's ATN registers. An ASDParser and an ASDEditor have been developed in Java by Prof. James A. Mason from York University and which are in the public domain. Although ASD grammars look similar to finite-state grammars, they are more powerful than context-free grammars, yet efficient for parsing. The ASDParser class has built-in ba

Batch-helpers - Scripts written in JavaScript for Photoshop. Used for images processing automation.

Several scripts for Photoshop (for Windows and Mac OS): - Resize for WEB: allows to set different size of image in dependence of it's orientation (landscape or portrait). - Duplicate document: creates a copy of current document with the same name and closes original one with confirmation Save dialog rising. All scripts are wrapped into the actions: Installation: unpack and copy internals of 'batch_helpers_script' directory to "Presets\\Scripts" Photoshop's subdirectory: for Win

Mbasic99 - A compiler for TI BASIC

This project aims to create a complete compiler for the TI BASIC programming language. TI BASIC was the dialect of BASIC created for the TI-99/4A. Current StatusThe project is currently in pre-alpha. (Updated 1/20/2007) Simple programs that do not use any of the graphic or sound subroutines can be parsed and compiled. CompletedLET (assignment) statements REM comments END/STOP GOTO and ON-GOTO GOSUB/RETURN IF-THEN-ELSE FOR-TO (STEP is not implemented. Counting is by 1) NEXT INPUT (from Console) R

Asdfasdfa - aasdf asdf asdfasdf asd fadsf

adasfadsfasdf asdfasd fasdfasdf asdfasdf asdf asdfasdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdfasdf asdfasdf asdf asf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf dasfjaslsadf asldj asdljasdf

Harper-lee - A Simple Wordpress Theme

Harper LeeA Simple Theme for WordpressHarper Lee is a free Theme for Wordpress the open source blogging platform. 14th November 2008The theme is currently in beta testing. If you would like to help beta test this theme please download the archive file in the downloads section and email web3graphics AT-N0SPAM CreditsDesigned by Colin McDermott.

odin - An ATN-based parser for human languages, such as English.

An ATN-based parser for human languages, such as English.

raiden - A simple ATN parser for human languages, such as English.

A simple ATN parser for human languages, such as English.