atmosphere-compat - Atmosphere's Module for Native Comet Support

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Atmosphere's Module for Native Comet Support



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Cf-python - Python interface to the proposed CF-netCDF data model

The python cf packageA minimal reference inplementation of the proposed CF data model. CF is a netCDF convention which is in wide and growing use for the storage of model-generated and observational data relating to the atmosphere, ocean and Earth system. This software: Reads and writes CF-netCDF files, and contains the data and metadata in memory in objects called fields in a way which is consistent with the data model. Aggregates fields according to the CF aggregation rules. Allows the creatio

Online-whiteboard - Collaborative Online-Whiteboard with Server-Push Technologies

DescriptionOnline-Whiteboard is a framework and academic web application built on top of the Raphaël / jQuery JavaScript libraries, Atmosphere framework and HTML5 WebSockets. Raphaël simplifies the work with vector graphics on the web. Chosen Server-Push frameworks exemplify real-time collaborations on basis different approaches and bidirectional protocols. The web front-end leverages JavaServer Faces and uses PrimeFaces as JSF component library. The application is cross-browser compatible and

Essenceeditor - Essence Editor Open Source Version

Essence EditorEssence Editor is an editing tool chain developed for Project Essence on top of Java Monkey Engine version 2.0. It includes a character editing perspective that allows creation and editing of animated, particle effect decorated character sets. And a world editing perspective that allows terrain sculpting, texture painting, static entity placements, light placements and advanced atmospherical effect editing of the world. Official Project Essence Blog Current Release1. Essence Editor

Kandash - Lightweight kanban web-based board and set of analytics tools

Kanban Dashboard (Kandash)Version 0.3 alfa is available New in this version: Reporting capabilities (cumulative flowchart, statisctics, etc.) Improved interactivity with COMET support (thx to Atmosphere) Boosted performance (thx to Akka) Looks a bit less ugly :) A lot of bugfixes Version 0.3 will be available soonv 0.3 will be integrated with Akka Framework (code in progress is currently available under "akka" branch). Akka Framework provides functional enterprise-scale actors, simple COMET supp

atmosphere-compat - Used for testing atmospheres browser compatibility

Used for testing atmospheres browser compatibility