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The Atmosphere Framework contains client and server side components for building Asynchronous Web Applications. The majority of [popular frameworks]( are either supporting Atmosphere or supported natively by the framework. The Atmosphere Framework supports all major [Browsers and Servers](

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Atmosphere transparently supports WebSockets, Server Sent Events (SSE), Long-Polling, HTTP Streaming (Forever frame) and JSONP.The Atmosphere Framework Stack consists of:

Atmosphere Stack

The Atmosphere Framework Stack works on all Servlet based servers including Tomcat, JBoss Jetty, Resin, GlassFish, Undertow, WebSphere, WebLogic etc. Not running a Servlet Container? [Netty](, [Play! Framework]( or [Vert.x]( We support a variety of extensions like [STOMP](, [Redis](, [Hazelcast](, [JMS](, [JGroups]( and [many more]( Support for [Socket.IO](, [SockJS]( and [Cometd]( are also available.**Notice:** Atmosphere 3, aka [Vibe]( has landed. Get ready for the next generation of real time application for the web!Using another framework? Look at the list of supported [extensions]( Easiest way to learn Atmosphere is by trying a [sample]( Atmosphere's Java/Scala/Android Client is called [wAsync](



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A rewrite of Noah Morgan's classic roguelike game Larn (1986). NLarn tries to maintain the atmosphere and story of the original game while improving the gameplay by using state-of-the-art roguelike technology and a simplified user interface.


Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time with OpenGL. It displays stars, constellations, planets, nebulae and others things like ground, landscape, atmosphere, etc.

StratoSphere - Cloud Computing Framework for Big Data Analytics

The Stratosphere System is an open-source cluster/cloud computing framework for Big Data analytics. It comprises of An extensible higher level language (Meteor) to quickly compose queries for common and recurring use cases, A parallel programming model (PACT, an extension of MapReduce) to run user-defined operations, An efficient massively parallel runtime (Nephele) for fault tolerant execution of acyclic data flows.

C++ trajectory library

Libraries for integration of atmospheric trajectories. Includes a basic trajectory integrator, contour advection codes and semi-Lagrangian tracer simulations.


An atmospheric Quake engine running on GNU/Linux systems with enhanced graphics, increased limits, configurable HUD and ambiences, and different modes for changing the gameplay.

Nwn2toolset-atmosphere-pack - A plugin to give a bit of atmosphere to NWN2's Toolset.

Modders have the right to work in a cool and friendly environment, so here this plugin comes into play, bringing some funny sounds and... That's all about it for now. :o)

nettosphere - A Java WebSocket/HTTP server based on the Atmosphere and Netty Framework

A Java WebSocket/HTTP server based on the Atmosphere and Netty Framework

Jme3-atmosphere-scattering - Realtime atmosphere scattering (Sean O'Neil's shaders running i

This project is a small prototype that integrates Sean O'Neils GLSL shaders in a jme3 example project, using the jme3 material system. I had to play a bit with the shader code to make it work on my nvidia 9600GT, so it is not exactly the same as the original.

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