Andrew Toolkit

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An unofficial follow-on to the venerable Andrew Toolkit. Not all of the orginal applications will be supported, but the ez editor among other apps still remains.



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nxtOSEK is an RTOS for LEGO Mindstorms NXT. nxtOSEK consists of I/O driver part of LEJOS NXJ, TOPPERS/ATK1 RTOS, and glue code for them. You can write applications for NXT in ANSI-C/C++. Check nxtOSEK site:

Atk14 - ATK14 is a PHP framework for fearless guys

The ATK14 Project has been moved to Github. Visit You can also visit and for more information and some life examples.

txObject ATK for C++ / Python

txObject ATK is an OS independent C++ amp; Python object library. Built in the 90s, it provides a 5-layer framework: Object Library, IO / Timers, Threads, Inter-Process / Distributed Object Communication

Pwh312 - Perfect World H

Install this if u get .Net framework X.X error : PWH Chatbox pwh312.chatango<2><.><2:0>com Colorful wordsss : BLUE(GUILD) : <1><WATuWANT2SAY><1:0> GREEN(TEAM) : <2><WATuWANT2SAY><2:0> note that there is a invisible blank b4 <1> or <2> copy it too Alt+43681 Image Uploader: www.image-share<2><.><2:0>com EmoIcon Spam(up to 6~8): <0><><0:


FAQ for finnish newsgroup sfnet.atk.linux.

Atk4 - Agile Toolkit

Agile Toolkit 4 focuses on a quick development of commercial Web Software. It implements what any modern PHP framework does - MVC, templates, Dynamic SQL, plugins, page routing, widgets. Agile Toolkit however is designed for building Business application. It solves the problem of getting your software ready and shipped in a month. It pushes for re-usability on all levels. It introduces it's own culture of the code, which, once you are familiar, will save you a lot of effort. Agile Toolkit is aim

Virtualphotonics - A modular and scalable platform of computational tools to define, solve, visualiz

VirtualPhotonics is a set of computational tools for virtual (in silico) technologies meant to serve the Biomedical Optics community. The Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative was established at the Beckman Laser Institute ( in April 2008 with four primary goals: (a)\tDesign and distribute easy-to-use open-source software tools with graphical-user interfaces that simulate the propagation and distribution of optical radiation in cells and tissues. (b)\tSupply educatio

Acao-toolkit - Acao Toolkit (ATK)

Acao Toolkit (ATK) is a collection of applications and libraries that are developed to internal use in our company.

Mashup-ariankulp-tasklist2-atk - Google Lists

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.


Agile Toolkit is a PHP framework for developing Powerful Web Applications. Inspired by Desktop Toolkits (QT, Cocoa, .NET) it provides clever web application framework for developers with any skill level. Agile Toolkit free for open-source projects and has commercial support.