aTimer : Take a break timer

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This timer will help programmers and other people who work on computer for long periods, users will be able to set their time period for work and break, whether you want to enforce the break by hibernating or making your computer sleep. Will be good for eyes, a lot! Stil...



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一ã€�欢迎使用TaAMPçš„å¼€å�‘套件程åº�.TaAMP主è¦�方便新手学习php时使用.å�¦å¤–还为以å�Žæˆ‘çš„phpå¼€å�‘框架ToAction作为开å�‘环境的基本求è¦�. 包å�«è½¯ä»¶æœ‰ï¼š +Apache 2.2.15 +php +MySQL 5.5.17 win32-community +phpMyAdmin all languages +svn 1.7.1 +memcached 1.4.5 +memcache.php 管ç�†memcached的程åº� 二ã€�安装方法进入TaAMP\\setup目录å�Œå‡»è¿�è¡Œinstall.bat(在安装的时候å�¯èƒ½ä¼šæ��示调用sc命令,由于需è¦�使用sc安装svnæœ�务.æ

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From the view of system administrators,we design these tools to check system's accurate memory usage. Etc,to check system's accurate avialable memory size in real time(including NUMA),which process occupy most memory,which user occupy most memory,etc. These tools have two parts,one part is written in bash,the other part is written in c as a linux module,the module is used to collect system's accurate avialable memory size in real time(including NUMA). Usage`heguanjun@miaomiao:/bigbox1/work/new>

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fqlfql is a small tool that use SQL like language to manipulate files. if you are mad with argments of find. this is for you. sample usagedccmx@~/projects/fql$ ./fql "select * where size > 4.1k and size < 100k"rw-r--r-- dccmx dccmx 12.8K 2011-08-02 08:38:03 rw-r--r-- dccmx dccmx 19.9K 2011-08-01 10:40:35 parser.out rw-r--r-- dccmx dccmx 41.3K 2011-08-02 08:38:53 rw-r--r-- dccmx dccmx 5.6K 2011-08-02 16:03:54 variant.h available columns to select name path perms size inode u

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![spiral]('s almost perfect now-----------------------**EDIT:** Thank you reddit. With your help we made it almost perfect. You are awesome! Huge appreciation goes to [@CensoredUsername]( who made [significant improvement]( [@Yazuak]( first gave and implemented [idea](http://


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A-time tracker (chrome extension)