ATIC (Amni-Tec Internet Coding)

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ATIC is a new internet scripting language, with many interesting new features. The ATIC project includes ATIC (the ATIC interpreter), ATIC Browser Plugin (lets ATIC pages run in web browsers: IE6, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari) and ATIC-Weaver.



Related Projects

Appli-blanche-j2ee - Blanck J2EE application for a quick start

This project is proposed by ATIC SI The goal of this project is to produce a J2EE application template which : is compliant whith the major frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, Ibatis, CXF, Spring security, maven) respects the major design patterns This project will produce a script to generate a new application based on the template. One could choose the names and the maven artifactsID of the different projects that will be generated. The type of theses projects could be : web