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Athene give you the Power of one Nagios console for all you Services and Hosts. You get an maximum stable distributed monitoring infrastructure with one central configuration repository. Athene is tested with up to 1.000 hosts and up to 20.000 Services!



Related Projects

Athens-docket - Web index of police and court dockets from Athens-Clarke County, Georgia

The Athens Docket History project is creating a web-based index of historical police and court records from Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, USA. Hosting for this project has moved to github:

Adt-priority-queue - Implementation of priority queue with a binary tree

I developed it during my second semester as undergraduate at University of Athens

Wind - WiND - Wireless Nodes Database

WiND is a Web application for managing a database of wireless nodes. It is targeted at wireless community networks. The project was originally created for the Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network located in Athens, Greece. It supports multiple users and multiple nodes per user, with different access right for each job. It stores node information such as location, height, area, region, backbone and AP interfaces, roof view photos, subnets and hosts in a node, etc., and provides a powerful way to


UML editor.

Eolus - Eolus combines the maturity of JEE with the functionality of an IaaS-Cloud

Eolus is our open source attempt to join the forces of an IaaS-Cloud (currently OpenNebula) and Java Enterprise Edition. It is far from achieving end product quality, yet it provides functionality that serves the needs of our lab (MaDgIK ) at the University of Athens. In short, the cloud middleware (OpenNebula) is used as a management tool for virtual resources that we exploit in building higher level custom services available through a JEE application container. An

WiND - Wireless Nodes Database

WiND is a Web application targeted at Wireless Community Networks. It was created as a replacement for NodeDB for the members of Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) located in Athens, Greece.

Scalation - Scala-based System and Domain-Specific Language for Modeling & Simulation

ScalaTion is a system and Domain-Specific Language (DSL) for Modeling & Simulation, coded in Scala, which supports multi-paradigm simulation modeling, including dynamics, activity, event, process and state oriented models. Scala is a modern object-oriented, functional programming language that is well-suited for developing simulation engines. ScalaTion is maintained and developed by Dr. John A. Miller and his team. A list of contributors is provided in the project's wiki. For more information, p

Madis - Complex data analysis/processing made easy

AboutmadIS is an extensible relational database system built on top of the SQLite database with extensions implemented in Python (via APSW SQLite wrapper). In usage, madIS, feels like Hive (Hadoop's SQL with User Defined Functions language), without the overhead but also without the distributed processing capabilities. Nevertheless madIS can easily handle tens of millions of rows on a single desktop/laptop computer. madIS' main goal is to promote the handling of data related tasks within an exte

Bfm-pom-alermo - creation of a 3d marine biogeochemical for eastern mediterranean

BFM_POM this is a project dedicated for creation of a 3d Biogeochemical model of the eastern mediterranean. it is based on joining the princeton ocean model (POM) as currents phisical model and BFM (Biogeochemical Flux Model). on the version stored here POM is implemented for the easterm mediterranean using alermo data (see university of athens, physics) and bfm will be initialised using initial and boundary conditions from the med atlass database. the heart of the project is the bfm-pom interfa