athena php website administration

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A simple website management system written in oo php that uses a mysql database to store user and group rights and the site content.



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Ceres CP

Ceres CP, to use with eAthena and other Athena SQL based servers

The V C++ GUI Framework

A very easy to use GUI C++ framework for Windows and *NIX systems. Supports WIN32 API on Windows platforms, and Athena and Motif X widgets on *NIX systems. First developed in 1995, is still in active development. Currently working on Version 2.0.

Adhara-project - An brAthena Based Ragnarok Online

Nada de arrumar o Nada de traduzir o Nada de trabalhar com

Athena-cmf - The Google Code home of Athena CMF

Athena CMF is a content management framework, designed to give developers a simple GUI into a CMS-like database, with a framework of functions for handling the data. Both incredibly lightweight and easily extendable, it's the perfect starting point for your next CMS.

Sathena - sAthena - Traducción oficial del emulador al Español

sAthena, es la traducción del emulador "eAthena" (donde "e" traduce "English"). sAthena proveerá de los cambios necesarios realizados por el equipo de eAthena, manteniendolo actualizado y al dia. sAthena es un software que gira en el desarrollo de un proyecto para proveerles a todos de un paquete completo de uso libre para sus servidores. Está escrito en C y por ello, el software es versatil y muy facil de configurar. Contiene desde warps hasta NPC's listas para que puedan ser usadas.

Athena-framework - Athena Framework - open source agile Java ORM with native support for multitenanc

Athena Framework - an open source agile Java ORM with native support for multitenancy and transparent object remoting for Flex/Flash/AIR. Athena Framework for JavaAthena Framework is a full fledged enterprise object-relational mapping (ORM) framework that employs metadata as mapping configuration. It greatly simplifies Java web application development by removing the requirement of manual mapping and manual database schema updating. In addition to features like Java object persistence, powerful

Perlproject - Perl@Aludra

This is a SVN repository for Perl code base on Aludra @USC.