Eclipse Ajax Additions

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A collection of plugins to complement the Ajax Toolkit framework project.



Related Projects

Kyua - Automated testing framework

Kyua (pronounced Q.A.) is a testing framework for both developers and users. Kyua is different from most other testing frameworks in that it puts the end user experience before anything else. There are multiple reasons for users to run the tests themselves, and Kyua ensures that they can do so in the most convenient way. At the moment, Kyua is focused on implementing a solid foundation and a powerful command-line tool to run the tests implemented with the Automated Testing Framework (ATF) librar

Atf8encoding - self-synchronizing unicode byte-endoding which produces shorter byte sequence than lo

ATF8 denotes a group of non-overlapping ASCII-transparent byte-oriented full-unicode-supporting alternative UTF encodings which produce as space-efficient texts as their local charset counterparts do ( close to 2 bytes per code point for DBCS charsets, 1byte per code point for SBCS charsets). ATF8 encodings are created to replace both of local charsets and UTF8 encodings for those applications in which space-efficient representation of texts really matters such as search engines, huge database i