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Emulator of Atari 800/800XL/130XE/5200 with various extensions (1088kB RAM, stereo sound and much more) running on just about every operating system (Unix/Linux, Windows, DOS, TOS, MacOS, Workbench, WinCE...)



Related Projects

Atari Launcher

A front end for the various Atari hardware emulators, primarily the Atari800WinPlus emulator. The Atari Launcher allows lists of program images to be sorted and managed, as well it stores and sets individual emulator settings for each image.

Droid800 - Atari 8 bit emulator for Android.

Android front end for the Atari800 8 bit, XL, XE and 5200 emulator. Droid2600 is an Android port of the cross-platform Stella Atari VCS emulator. Resources available at this site: Droid800 Instruction Manual List of Device Support Open a bug report or feature request (requires google account)

Atalan - Programming language compiler for 8-bit processors

Atalan is new high level programming language for MOS Technology 6502 microprocessors. It is meant to be used for development on 8bit computers like Atari 800, C64 etc.


This game is an improved remake of old Atari800xl game Zenji. The goal is to move around labyrinth and transform it. When all fields of labyrinth are connected level is completed. There are also some monsters that are trying to kill ya'.

Qlatrviewer - QuickLook plugin allows you to look into popular ATR Atari image file format

This plugin allows you to look into ATR atari image files commonly uset with various Atari 8-bit emulators (for example open-source Atari800 running on allmost all operating systems) Simply press space, and get information about Disk size, density, files and free space. To install, simply drop qlatrviewer plugin into /Library/QuickLook or ~/Library/QuickLook and run qlmanage -r in the Terminal, or simply logout and login again.

ST Recover

ST Recover can read Atari ST floppy disks on a PC under Windows, including special formats as 800 or 900 KB and damaged or desynchronized disks, and produces standard .ST disk image files. Then the image files can be read in ST emulators as WinSTon or Steem.

Freewolf - Free and open source remake of the original Castle Wolfenstein games.

DescriptionThe freewolf project recreates the game play of the original Castle Wolfenstein games and adapts them to modern computers and operating systems. The graphics and sound lean towards the Commodore 64 versions. FeaturesFeature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Screen ShotsTODO

Atari800 - Atari 800 Emulator

Atari 800 Emulator

Atari800-Core - OpenEmu Core plugin with Atari800 to support Atari 5200 emulation

OpenEmu Core plugin with Atari800 to support Atari 5200 emulation