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Programmer for Atmels 8051 devices, parallel Flash and E2PROM memories and etc.



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Rp-usb-connector - Driverless USB AVR/51 ISP Programmer powered by RoboPeak

[中文版本在本页下方:] RoboPeak USB Connector is a driverless USB ISP programmer for AVR/C51 MCU. It is developed by RoboPeak team). RoboPeak USB Connector is based on the work of AVR-Doper project (, which is a STK500 compatible In-System Programmer (ISP) and High Voltage Serial Programmer (HVSP). The USB connectivity is achieved using the v-usb lib (a software-only implementation of a low-speed USB device for Atmel's AVR microcontroller


SDCC c code for P89V51 microcontrollerThe tutorials can be found at: Contact E-mail: OR Blog: Webboard:

Rhtempcontroller - RH and Temp controller

I made this to monitor RH and temperature at a remote location and activate an exhaust vent to adjust the environment back down. It also has a programmable timer and a green LED on an auto off outlet. More info is available in the product manual available in the download section. Brief function overview:Monitors both RH and temp in a single remote location Monitors onboard temperature Adjustable recycle timer (1 min to 18 hour on time, 1 min to 12 hour off) Green LED strip with an auto off time