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AT4J is a set of tools for working with data compression and file archives from Java. It supports reading and creating Zip and Tar files, as well as several types of compression algorithms via third party libraries.



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Betterspace - Classroom collaboration tool intended for UC Berkeley professors as a substitute for b

We're in super-experimental-pre-pre-pre-alpha development mode. To get involved, email j4yferd (at) gmail, or laughinghan (at) gmail.

Oa4j - Java Client for OpenAmplify

OverviewOA4J is a java client for Version 2.1 of the OpenAmplify web service. It requires java 1.6+. It needs an API key to be used, this is free and takes a couple of minutes to obtain. InstallationAdd oa4j-x.x.x.jar to your classpath, Java 1.6+ is required. Usageimport static java.lang.System.out;import;import com.linguamathematica.oa4j.Analysis;import com.linguamathematica.oa4j.AnalysisService;import com.linguamathematica.oa4j.DefaultAnalysisService;public class Test{\tpublic sta

Dsl4j - Model Driven DSL for Java

Dsl4j is a model driven grammar framework. It is based on the well known antlr library. It uses annotations to generate antlr grammar that can automatically read text files into that object model. Sort of like ORM for text files. Dsl4j comes with a set of basic syntactic building block, starting from numbers and strings, through identifiers and fully qualified names. It also supports semantic resolution tasks for post parsing. People use this tool when they need to parse text files but don't wan

Bubbletip - jQuery bubble-stylized tooltip plugin

bubbletipA jQuery based bubble-styled tooltip extension multiple tips on a page multiple tips per jQuery element tips open outward in four directions: up down left right tips can be: anchored to the triggering jQuery element absolutely positioned opened at the current mouse coordinates anchored to a specified jQuery element IE png transparency is handled via conditional css and filters Tested (lightly)IE 6 on XP IE 7 and 8 on Vista Firefox 3.6 on Vista Chrome 3.0 on Vista Safari 4.0 on Vista Dem

Eu4ria - Enterprise Utilities 4 Rich Internet Applications

EU4RIA is a simple framework designed to integrate OpenLaszlo applications with Java/J2EE server-side components in minutes. If you don't know what OpenLaszlo is, go to and see how to transform your web application into a Rich Internet Application. Using EU4RIA annotations on your classes and methods, you can generate LZX stubs in order to invoke Java methods from LZX code. Consider this simple Java class: @Modulepublic class MyClass{ @Action public String helloWorld(){ return "He

Jen-ikvm-api - jEn-IKVM-api - An unofficial .NET IKVM Client for The Echo Nest API

This is a .NET API for the Echo Nest API (at This client works with Version 4 of the Echo Nest API. - console examples - sample app BuildI used Visual Studio 2010. To work with samples you should input valid developer key or put developer_key.txt(containing your key) to build folder. WhatConverted jar to dll using IKVM Wrote/generated wrappers/extensions for methods/objects/collections in C# Was

Jmdc - A J2ME mobile NMDC hub client

About jmDCNever miss another word of hub-chat! jmDC lets you chat and PM from any java phone. Either transfer the .jar file to your phone, or download it directly. DetailsjmDC requires a J2ME environment compatible with CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0. Your phone needs either GPRS, 3G, Wifi or any sort of internet connection to be able to connect to a hub. NMDC support is tested working with (at least) PtokaX This is a chat-only client for the forseeable future. You may fake a share in order to w

Jquery-tree - Tree control with three-state checkboxes

Current version: Demo (will probably move to another hosting): Demo without js: Usage: <head>\t<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/jQuery.Tree.css" /></head><body>\t<ul id="tree">\t\t<li>\t\t\t<label>\t\t\t\t<!-- Label is essential --><input type="checkbox" />Element with checkbox\t\t\t</label>\t\t</li>\t\t<li>\t\t\t<labe

Jqeditor - WYSWYG HTML Editor 所��所得在线编辑器

jQEditor是一款基于jQuery的使用MITå��议的所è§�å�³æ‰€å¾—çš„Web编辑器,追求精巧实用ã€�容易扩展ã€�å��作开å�‘。 jQEditor 从设计之åˆ�å°±é�žå¸¸æ³¨é‡�自身的å�¯æ‰©å±•æ€§ï¼Œå·²æœ‰åŠŸèƒ½éƒ½æ˜¯é€šè¿‡æ�’件形å¼�实现的。jQEditor 需è¦�更多的爱好编辑器开å�‘的朋å�‹åŠ å…¥å¼€å�‘团队。 Email: jqeditor(at) 特色 1. 易扩展,å�¯ä»¥ä½¿ç”¨æ�’件é�žå¸¸å®¹æ˜“地扩展更多个性化功能; 2. 易开å�‘,精心设计,代ç �简å�•ï¼Œæ³¨é‡Šæ¸…晰,容æ˜

Upload-at-click - Javascript for upload file at one click

DescriptionJavascript for upload file at one click. Features:Select file and upload at one click Without external dependents (such as jQuery...) No Flash Small size Cross-browser If you use jQuery try ocupload. DemoMay be you want to look the demo How to useDeveloper. 4 steps:1. Add link to script: <script type="text/javascript" src="/path_to/upclick-min.js"></script>2. Create element: <input type="button" id="uploader" value="Upload">3. Call upclick() function: <script type="text/javascript"> v