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EXTREME-4-apache2triad is a collection of some of the best sites, portals(CMS's), server tools, etc. All preinstalled and ready to run with Apache2Triad. All you need to do is log in. Includes oscommerce, phpBB( with 30 preinstalled themes), PostNuke...




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Liten - Command Line Tool and Library to Eliminate Duplicates: Python Powered

Command Line Tool and Library To Eliminate Duplicates and Facilitate Intelligent Merging of Data Structures.Warning: Be extremely cautious when using this tool. You could potentially delete a file that your operating system needs to run. Please do not just run this on the root level of your hard drive with --delete. First run a report, look at it, and then decide what to delete based on that report, perhaps on a directory by directory basis. News2008-12-26 Liten 0.1.5 is released fixed bug that

Django-messages - A Django application handling private messages between users.

The code is now also available at Github: https://github.com/arneb/django-messages A user-to-user messaging system for DjangoDjango-messages enables your users to send private messages to each other. It provides a basic set of functionality your would expect from such a system. Every user has an Inbox, an Outbox and a Trash. Messages can be composed and there is an easy url-based approach to preloading the compose-form with the recipient-user, which makes it extremly easy to put "send xyz a mess

Pavel - Pavel is a tool for interactively displaying and evaluating large sets of highdimensional da

PavelPavel (Paretoset Analysis Visualization and Evaluation) is a tool for interactively displaying and evaluating large sets of highdimensional data. Its main intended use is the analysis of result sets from multi-objective evolutionary algorithms applied to machining problems but it can basically work with any kind of multidimensional data. While there exist solutions that fulfill some of the listed purposes, none of them is combining them in a way that is useful for the evaluation of MOEA res

Moq - The simplest mocking library for .NET and Silverlight

var mock = new Mock<ILoveThisFramework>();// WOW! No record/replay weirdness?! :)mock.Setup(framework => framework.DownloadExists("")) .Returns(true) .AtMostOnce();// Hand mock.Object as a collaborator and exercise it, // like calling methods on it...ILoveThisFramework lovable = mock.Object;bool download = lovable.DownloadExists("");// Verify that the given method was indeed called with the expected valuemock.Verify(framework => framework.DownloadExists(""));Checkout the Qui

Project-narwhal - Student game development project in java

ABOUTCodename Project Narwhal is a Student developed computer game with an arcade spaceship genre. Developed in JAVA under the GNU public license v3. Game resources was made by the developers or from other open source projects with permission. Don't take credit of our work, but do otherwise whatever you want with it. Enjoy! Johan Jansen and Anders Eie TODO LISTList of things we didn't have time to finish. Or were too lazy to finish. MAJOR TODO: Uber antimatter rockets Tetiary weapon for campaign

Ezcookie - Easily read and write cookies in many powerful ways.

Source can be found at: https://github.com/NJLaPrell/ezcookie ezCookie is a jQuery plugin for reading and writing cookies in many useful ways. Cookies can be stored as regular strings or JavaScript objects. This plugin uses JSON.org's js2 library to parse JSON strings and convert objects into a JSON string. March 22, 2012I regret to announce that I will no longer be contributing to the ezCookie project. My company was acquired late last year and in the integration process, it was decided that I

Cftunity - folding@home V7 Client monitor and more!

3/16/2012New site at fahwatch7.net 2/6/2012No pictures, but a new download ( zipped and installer available ). Pictures will come again in the next update, as it will include some things which will hopefully be worth showing. 2/2/2012Build will be up in a min, there are some issues though. Scaling is better then it was but I need to improve the range handeling so minor tics don't appear as a blob instead of just uhm 'tics' I guess ;) I've added hw averages to the project statistics making it eas

Emus-encryption-tool - Emu&#39;s Encryption Tool is a java app and library to encrypt and decrypt da

Emu's Encryption ToolReadme1. Whats this tool about?Emu's Encryption Tool is an application that encrypts text using polyalphabetic methods used in the middle ages. Because there are no mathematical functions or formulas the encrypted texts can't be cracked using bruteforce attacks or other password cracking methods used in IT security. The texts are encrypted with random codes and fixed passwords but can also be used as an One-Time-Pad (OTP) which uses extreme long random passwords and codes an

Google-extremal-sets - algorithms for extremal set finding

This package contains algorithms for quickly finding all maximal sets with respect to set containment among an input collection of sets. Click on the "Source" tab for instructions on downloading the source code. Makefiles are provided for GNU g++ and Microsoft VC++ compilers. Click on the "Downloads" tab to download a sample dataset to test your binary. You can find a research paper describing these algorithms at: http://www.bayardo.org/ps/sdm2011.pdf On Linux type systems with GNU g++, here's a

Multidisplay - Arduino based open source display for interesting measurand´s of a car.

Important News: to get the support and development sorted we created a forum where everything about it can be discussed! http://mdforum.designer2k2.at/ Join in and help us spreading this project even more, or just get the support you need! -- Wichtige Neuigkeit: um die Hilfe und Entwicklung rund ums MultiDisplay auf einem Fleck zu konzentrieren haben wir ein Forum dafür erstellt! http://mdforum.designer2k2.at/ Registrierts Euch, und helft uns dabei das Projekt weiter zu verbessern, oder auch ei