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async-j is an architecture for building long-running, high-performance network servers in java. Based on java?s nio library, yet shields the nio?s bugs and complexities. Using object-oriented design for extendibility and low dev amp; maintenance costs.



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toastr - Simple javascript toast notifications

toastr is a Javascript library for non-blocking notifications. jQuery is required. The goal is to create a simple core library that can be customized and extended.

Rtexecutor - general java - J2SE & RTSJ execution framework

rtexecutorGeneral java - J2SE & RTSJ execution frameworkThis framework aimes to simplify the development of execution logic in both J2SE & RTSJ (real time java). Features: common 'task' running transparently on starndard/RT scheduler creation of sync / a-sync task transparently item allow registration on a-sync task callback item allow dispatch of events to several JVM's

Log4j-extened-jdbc - Extended JDBCAppender for log4j

This project provides an extended version of JDBCAppender that provides a simple, and intuitive way to log to the database table using JDBC prepared statements. JNDI DataSource lookup Support prepared statements. Custom SQL (with '?' placeholders) Buffering JDBC Batch insertion mode (using buffer) Simple column-based configuration Example of using AsyncLogger with JDBCAppender for performance improvement

Scribe-log4j - A Log4j appender that sends log messages to Scribe server.

IntroductionProject provides easy solution to send Log4j messages to scribe server. Project is fork of This project contains 3 maven projects: scribe-client - wrapper of autogenerated java client for scribe. scribe-log4j - appender for log4j. scribe-example - example of use. Log4j configuration: \tlog4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, scribe\tlog4j.appender.scribe=name.caiiiycuk.scribe.ScribeAppender\tlog4j.appender.scribe.hostname=my

Mjl - Modern Java Logging

This is a modern implementation of java logging on top of log4j using some code from log5j. FeaturesLog5j implementation of printf style message formatting and async logging with some modifications @InjectLog annotation and Guice TypeListener for injection of Log instances @Trace annotation and method interceptor for automatic logging before and after method invocations Google Guice module for easy integration in guice apps Android logger with configurable log tag Message code generation Maven D

Jcores - Seeding Productivity

jCores' primary goal is to increase developer and runtime efficiency by easing some Java pains, providing short hand notations for commonly used task and parallelize operations on multiple CPUs where possible. What is new in 0.9.1 (30.8.2011) ?Added $.async(), $.net, $.sys.*, ... All threads and timers should now be daemonic, and killable (added kill switches). Added extension mechanism for global and local extensions Refactored options and internals. OverviewFor a good overview, please see our

Netconf4j - Java client implementation of the Netconf protocol for managing network devices.

ProjectA simple, from scratch implementation of the Netconf protocol. We are currently testing the current code base in order to release a beta version with basic functionality. See roadmap for more details and things to come. Contributors are welcomed! FeaturesLow, atomic dependencies (commons-logging, commons-configuration, commons-io, junit, ganymed-ssh2). OSGi ready. Test coverage. Support for both sync and async calls. Maven based, easy to build & contribute. Efficient (SAX based) parsing.

Pluginloader - jQuery Plugin Loader

Source can be found at The Plugin Loader is a light weight function in the jQuery namespace for loading and tracking jQuery plugins, JavaScripts, and required CSS. Scripts can be loaded serially or asynchronously. Plugin Loader can be used to force dependencies by loading required scripts and CSS in each plugin. Because the scripts and CSS are tracked, nothing will be loaded more than once. March 22, 2012I regret to announce that I will no longer be cont

Project-jquery-msgbox - jQuery MsgBox

Плагин дл� jQueryДл� �оздани� в�плывающих окон (плавающих, диалоговых) Что нового в вер�ии 0.65?В методе show() до�тупен параметр ajax, �одержит параметры а�инхронного запро�а, названи� членов точно такие же, как в методе jQuery.ajax(params), в конечном итоге выполн�ет�� именно �тот метод jQuer

Ianzepp - Ian Zepp's Projects

Ian Zepp's Open Source ProjectsThis Google Code project is a collection of current and inactive open source software, primarily authored or managed by Ian Zepp <>. These projects are primarily in PHP, C++, and Java. Projects are listed below with short descriptions, and links to the Wiki pages where more information may be found. Apache ActiveMQ StompThis project is an integration effort at bringing the full power of Apache ActiveMQ to the PHP platform. It uses the text-based S