Artistic Style

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A Free, Fast and Small Automatic Formatter for C, C++, C#, and Java Source Code



Related Projects


A cross platform GUI for several code formatter, beautifier and indenter like AStyle, GNU Indent, GreatCode, HTML Tidy, Uncrustify and many more. Main feature is a live preview to directly see how the selected formatting option affects the source code.

Astyle Eclipse plugin

Artistic Style Eclipse Plugin for formatting C/C++ source files, it aims to be used for CDT environment


QT Creator is very good IDE . QT-Astyle 1 Source code formatting plugin based on astyle. Currently implemented it QT-Creator 1.3.1 QT-Creator 2.x is under development.

Nppastyle - formatting code in notepad++ with astyle.

It's a plugin for notepad++, formatting your code in npp with Artistic Style.

Monkeystudio - Monkey Studio IDE

Monkey Studio is a Free and cross platform IDE written in Qt 4.The project has been started by AZEVEDO Filipe for his personal use around end of June 2005, and when he found it useful he open it to the community. The project has been welled received and some guyz join it or send feedbacks/new features. The current version is the v2 branch which succeed the v1 one and is dependent of Qt 4.7.0 minimum. It support Qt 4 projects management and embed Designer and Assistant to form a complete, fast an

Codeformater - Run-time code formater for MS Windows

Run-time code formater for MS Windows. Use AStyle to format your source code. Программа форматирует и�ходный код почти в любом тек�товом редакторе в �и�теме MS Windows по гор�чей клавише. Выдел�ете тек�т, нажимаете гор�чую клавишу - и выделенный и�ходный код форматирует�� по вашему вку�у.


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AStyle - AStyle with CMake build scripts

AStyle with CMake build scripts

geany-astyle - AStyle plugin for geany

AStyle plugin for geany