Autorun Studio 2

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An AutorunBuilder with WYSIWYG Editor written in C#



Related Projects is a fork of the Menu, adding support for security features, internet searching capabilities, category support, autorun apps, and much, much more. It can serve as a replacement for the portableApps menu.

Autorun Manager

Autorun Manager, egrave; un semplice programma sviluppato in Visual Basic 2010, che permette di gestire i programmi che si avviano con Windows, consentendo di rimuoverne e aggiungerne. Il software inoltre include un form di impostazioni per l'Auto-Login, ovvero, l'accesso automatico ad un determinato account all'avvio di Windows (senza quindi richiesta di password o quant'altro).


autorun automagically recognizes all available CDROMs in the system, mounts them upon insertion of a media and executes a possible autorun executable on the CD. The user can remove the media; autorun will call unmount after that.


The Autorun.inf-file is unsafe, but turning it off is uncomfortable and does not protect other computers. This program does. And it also performs certain actions when a USB-Stick is plugged in, so you won't lose functionality.

No Autorun

A tool to block viruses in USB flash/disk from auto-running. When a USB disk is inserted, this tool not only locks the "autorun.inf" file, but also locks all the autorun-related virus and other suspicious files.

Pendrive Virus Remover

Removes most common pen drive viruses such as autorun.inf, new folder.exe, bha.vbs, ravmon.exe, etc.....


This is a autorun menu for cd's. It link a name with a file and a short description. It can execute/open files, copy directories, execute commands, etc and it is really easy to use. (Spanish)

CDInterface Studio

CDInterface is a tool to create autorun cd menu for your software collection.Will organize your softwares and have all the informations you want - title,description,serial number,updates,etc...An easy to use interface.No programming language is required.

Graphy-java - A Graph Theoretic Algorithm Visualizer

GraphyGraphy is a Java application that visualizes various graph theoretic algorithms step by step, and also features an auto-run option that lets you run and observe the algorithm hands-free! It incorporates a full featured graph editor, with support for weighted and directed edges too. It also provides a mechanism to save to and load graphs from XML files. Graphy is powered by the JUNG framework. Website Wiki

Sqbrowser - SQLite Query Browser

Uses wxPython to provide a UI for sqlite database query results. It is different from other SQLite database managers, because it only displays results. This allows you to use your favorite SQL editor to execute SQL queries against the database. Project source now lives at: It uses file monitoring to execute the query upon save and then update the results. Setup/UsageGrab the code from downloads or svn execute: python Set the db file Set the SQL file Ope