Astrum Futura

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Multiplayer space strategy game written in PHP5 with the Zend Framework. User interface uses Javascript/AJAX for dynamic interaction. Players compete across a hexagonal map of 10,000 sectors, planets, stars and other locations through trade and combat.



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Zendframeworkblog - An example blog application created using the Zend Framework

This is the example blog application (to date - in progress) built on top of the Zend Framework as currently being documented in a tutorial series by Pádraic Brady over at Please note that all source code for this blog is currently available via subversion from for checkout/export or online viewing.

Oauth-for-php - The OAuth For PHP Library available for PEAR and the Zend Framework

The OAuth For PHP Library is a free open source, New BSD licensed, implementation of the OAuth Core 1.0 Specification and miscellaneous Extensions, with the object of becoming a standard library distributed within PEAR and as part of the Zend Framework. This project's subversion repository contains the PEAR standard version, while the Zend Framework component is itself hosted externally. An in-process implementation, you can checkout the latest source code for a preview from http://svn.astrumfut