Astronaut VistA Client Installer

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Astronaut(tm) VistA client installer. Server is installed by yum and apt-get repositories. Instructions here:



Related Projects

Unmanned Lunar Expedition Simulator

A virtual training environment for remote astronauts in the danish national secret space colonization project. (3D/OpenGL realtime game demo)

Pyrs - Python for Rocket Science

A collection of numerical and scientific utilities. # Solving a simple system of Nonlinear Equationsclass MyProblem(NonlinearEquation): """ Create a sub-class of NonlinearEquation where you provide the problem name and implement the actual function f. You can provide the gradient, g, as well, but if you do not then the solution will default to finite differences. """ name = 'My Problem' def f(self, x): """ This evaluates the system f at x """ return array([ 2 * x[0] - x[1] - exp(-x[0]), 2 * x[1]

Buaasst - my collection of astronautics and aeronautics codes


Uwaa599g2009 - Sounding Rocket Active Control Energy System Embedded Software

University of Washington Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics AA599g Sounding Rocket Course. We are developing an Active Energy Controller for our entry into the ESRA competition held June 2009. This site is to host the embedded software for the arduino based system.

Bouledefue - Boule De Feu - Advanced hobby and medium sized rocket systems.

Boule De FeuA Java base suite of applications for the design, development and operations of advanced hobby and medium sized space vehicles. Boule De Feu will produce: A light weight sonic, transonic and super sonic FVM engine. A minimum length axisymmetric nozzle designer. A J2ME Squawk based real-time deterministic guidance and control system The goal of Boule De Feu is to produce a lightweight astronautics IDE (Integrated Development Environment) based on the architecture. UpdateJ

Jorb - JAVA based Orbital Mechanics software suite.

The hope of this project is to create:1) JAVA library to be used in embedded devices such as;A) Space prototype robots using: Parallax Javelin Stamp JOP (JAVA Optimized Processor) - A hardware implementation of the JVM with short and predictable execution time of most bytecodes. Configured as a soft core in FGPA. B) Small electronic astronaut aid devices 2) JAVA library and GUI to be used on desktops, to allow complex calculation and visualization of Orbital Mechanics problems.3) Star, sun, and

Gpops - Gauss Pseudospectral Optimal Control Software (GPOPS)

GPOPS (which stands for Gauss Pseudospectral Optimal Control Software) is a MATLAB software that solves optimal control problems using pseudospectral methods. In particular, GPOPS uses the Gauss pseudospectral method (GPM) that has been the topic of considerable research at MIT, The University of Florida, and The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. GPOPS has been made possible in large part due to the excellent doctoral work of Dr. David Benson (Ph.D., Department of Aeronautics and Astronautic

Urldigger - A python tool to extract URL addresses from different HOT sources and/or detect SPAM and

FAQ URLDIGGER REFERENCESBadware Busters / Securitytube tools NEWS!!!Working in an online version. Stay tuned!! Urldigger (cazaurls in spanish) is an experimental script created to extract URL addresses from different sources and optionally check them for looking SPAM or malicious code. Currently working with Google, Twitter, Alexa and some malware sources. If the most popular web pages get compromised by drive-by download attacks, can potentially infect a large population. Extract high url lists

website - The website of the Technology Astronauts

The website of the Technology Astronauts