Astoria Contrib

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A contrib project for filling the gaps in WCF Data Services, providing missing functionality or augmenting with T4 templates, helpers, etc.



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MVC Contrib for Business Applications

MVC Contrib for Business Application is a collection of libraries and helpers focused on Business Applications based on ExtJS (using a fluent syntax) connected with server side technologies as Astoria, WCF Rest, etc.

Wcfservicetutor - Sample code to demo how to use WCF service, WCF Data Service and RIA Service

Microsoft release several web service technologies such as: 1- Web Service 2- WCF Web Service 3- WCF Data Service (before it was Data Service aka Astoria) 4- WCF RIA Service (before it was Silverlight RIA Service) In this open project I share different example how to use these services in different types of projects: Console, WPF, SilverLight, Windows Form, MVC.... To use this sample, you need to download Chinook database sample from CodePlex. http://chinookdatabase.codep

N2ims - N2 beyond Content Management

The goal is to build a Dojo's JsonRestStore-compatible back-end implementation on top of N2 web framework. What's available nowAs of yet, the foundation of a universal web data service is available. The service is capable of returning a JSON representation of a requested page either by appending a $format=json to a query string OR by specifying an Accept: application/json request header. (This mimics the behavior of ADO.Net Data Services1) So, for example, if a default N2 Templates project is ru


Mean Fiddler is a REST-style data service for .Net similar to the Microsoft project codenamed Astoria but based on NHibernate as the domain model.

Tokio-hotel - tokio hotel i google

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> - <configmaps> - <configmap type="Skin"> <meta name="title">Tokio Hotel</meta> <meta name="description">tokio hotel</meta> <meta name="author">Nathali Bertran</meta> <meta name="author_email"></meta> <meta name="author_location">Astoria, New york, US</meta> <meta name="thumbnail"></meta> <meta name="screenshot"></meta> </configmap> - <configmap type="Skin"> <attribute name="header.background_color">#000000</attribute> <attribute name="hea

astoria - Project Astoria: A city tour via street streeview.

Project Astoria: A city tour via street streeview.


Description from Facebook: "This is an inventory of the Reddit Astoria's board and card game collection. If you have some board games, add your game and your name with it. For games with expansions, make subsections for each expansion."


A framework for building resource-oriented API services with Sinatra