Asteroids 3D

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Asteroids 3D is a 3D flight-sim-style remake of the classic arcade game, which runs under Win32 with DirectX 8.1 or higher. This version contains new twists, such as timed waves, martian fighters, and communication satellites to defend!



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Recursive Asteroids 3D

Asteroids game with 3D fire, explosions, asteroids, and ships, made with OPENGL and C++. Creates recursive spinning asteroids as fire and debris. 2D or 3D view. All objects made of 3D polygons, specular lighting, dynamic light positions.

Asteroids3D by Stuart M Pomerantz

A simple first person shooter of blowing up asteroids in 3D space. The codebase also serves as an introduction to trigonometry and OpenGL.


This is an Asteroids clone developed with XNA Framework from Microsoft in C#. Asteroids is an classic arcade computer game from the end of the 80s. Aim of the game is to destroy as much asteroids as possible.

Kuviman - projects by myself

Hi, friends :) curently developingSampleMan Asteroids 3D !!! latest projectsSampleMan 3 - Asteroids old projectsSampleMan 2 - Armageddon SampleMan you can contact me

Xnagame1 - Our first xna game

Asteroid XAzzmodious IntroductionThis project is one that I do when ever time I go to a new language or new graphics API. Since, XNA is relatively new to me and I have put down my coder's sword quite some time ago, I feel it is time to do it again. Asteroid X is a 2.5D version of the old classic arcade game; Asteroids. 3D models will be used for the game assets. Powerups will be added for weapons and armor upgrades. Lets see how this version goes. AccomplishmentsNext StepsGame PlayShip Game Obje


Asteroids-3D is one of the many 3D remakes of the classic Atari's quot;Asteroidsquot; from 1979. Viewing your spaceship in 3rd person perspective, you have to destroy all asteroids that appear in front of your guns.

Roids - Roids! is a remake of the 1979 hit game "Asteroids"

Roids! is totally done in C++ and OpenGL/GLUT (with the help of a framework written by a post-grad student at our University - IST). Initially a project for a University subject, we expect to help everyone who's looking into learning C++ and/or OpenGL/GLUT by releasing our source code to the community. The most innovative aspect about our game is the fact that all the content is generated. We do not use any models or textures, all the 3D objects are generated through various routines. The astero