Asterisk-Java Library

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The Asterisk-Java package consists of a set of Java classes that allow you to easily build Java applications that interact with an Asterisk PBX Server. It supports the FastAGI protocol and the Manager API.



Related Projects

Java SIP softphone

Peers is a very simple softphone. It's a SIP User-Agent, written in java, it works on windows, linux and mac. It can be used with SIP servers like opensips or asterisk IPBX. It supports G711 codec (PCMU and PCMA) and telephone-events (DTMF).

Asterisk PBX Dial Plan Compiler

An more efficient alternative for writing complex Asterisk dial plan files, without using the cumbersome line numbering scheme.


Free Open Source ERP POS CRM Ajax Java enterprise


Enterprise telephony recording and retrieval system

Probablecalls - A glue library connecting asterisk-java and opensymphony xwork for robust phone-base

A glue library connecting asterisk-java and opensymphony xwork for robust phone-based interfaces. Kind of like Struts for java-asterisk.

Za-gateway - An administrative backend for the Asterisk PBX

This is basically an administrative back-end for the Asterisk PBX. An administrator will be able to view call detail records, add remove users and set access permissions on calls for the system.

Open-messaging - Asterisk (voicemail) messaging backend

Provides ReST web-services to store and retrieve messages (currently asterisk voicemail and SMS) based on an IMAP store. Includes a user management API (creating asterisk voicemail users) and a plug-in system to support other message types. This project is kindly sponsored by acoveo software development. Licensed under the AGPLv3. If you would like to obtain a commercial license, would like to have a customised AJAX messaging UI or need customisations of the system for your environment, please c

Ajdmserver - Embed Asterisk-Java FastAgi server into SpringSource dmServer

Asterisk Java Fast Agi OSGi dynamic moduleajdmserver is set of OSGi bundles designed to work inside SpringSource dmServer ver. 1.0.2.RELEASE. It is built on top asterisk-java framework and in fact it only adapts few elements of that library to work with dmServer. With ajdmserver agi scripts can be deployed as OSGi bundles. \t Creating a script is similar to the way shown in this tutorial. It differs only in two meta-files. More you can read in short tutorial. Main benfits of using ajdmserver: ho