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Database application framework in PHP




Related Projects


Bugzilla is most popular and widely used "Defect Tracking System" or "Bug-Tracking System".

Crypton - A framework for creating zero-knowledge web applications

Crypton is a framework for creating zero-knowledge web applications. Zero Knowledge applications offer meaningful privacy assurance to end users because the servers running the application cannot read the data created and stored by the application.

fapws3 - Fast Asynchronous Python Web Server (based on libev)

FAPWS (Fast Asynchronous Python Web Server) is a fully WSGI compliant web server for the Python environment with 2 main objectives: keep it small and asynchronous. That way it will not heat your HW resources and will assure to not fall into C10K troubles. It can handle as much as concurrent request as your kernel can handle, Gzip support for on the fly compression and lot more.


A free cross-platform editor for the DRAKON visual language.


Interpreter and compiler for the Seed7 programming language.

IE Validation / QA Toolbar

IE Validation / QA Toolbar is a Toolbar Extension for Microsoft Internet Explorer offering realtime offline validation and additional Qualitiy Assurance features for HTML and XHTML documents.


Development cooperation project administration system. Used by development cooperation organizations in Scandinavia to apply for government funds, as well as documentation, archiving and quality assurance of projects in development countries.

QA Assistant

QA Assistant is a Gnome-Python application that assists a reviewer in performing Quality Assurance. It creates a checklist that the reviewer fills in. When the checklist is filled, the application prints out a review for the reviewer to submit.

SAFMQ: Store and Forward Message Queue

SAFMQ: Store and Forward Message Queue, message oriented middleware. Uses include Assured Async Messaging, SOA, Delayed/Batch, and Cluster/Grid Computing. The SAFMQ server provides cross platform communication among C++, PHP, Java, and .NET clients.

Apache Portable Runtime - Cross-platform library easing many progamming tasks in C.

Cross-platform library easing many progamming tasks in C.