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Assimilator is a set of tools and services providing a self-monitoring, self-managing and self-healing environment for distributed computing.



Related Projects

Earth System Modeling Framework

The Earth System Modeling Framework provides high-performance software infrastructure and superstructure for the construction and coupling of climate, weather, and data assimilation applications.

Veggie - python bioinformatics tool integration

Provides a framework for assimilating existing bioinformatics tools in order to answer relevant biomedical questions.

Simplicity - Java based proof-of-concept for novel document assimilation

Simplicity is a Java based proof of concept for a research paper.

Polarrose-spring-xmlrpc - Simple XML-RPC Service Exporter/Importer for Spring 2.0

This library builds on top of the Redstone XML-RPC library to add more robust parameter mapping, Spring Integration, Maven project style. Most of the code is a direct import of the Redstone XML-RPC library. Polar Rose decided to 'assimilate' this project to be able to make quick modifications for our specific use cases.

Simple-swing-game - Simple implementation of the Snake game in Java using Swing

I've wrote this game to assimilate basics of Java programming language. It's uses collections, 2D graphic, threads, and many other innovations of Java 5. Details (in Russian only):

Game-assimilation - Assimilation

Assimilation utiliza a base dos jogos clássicos de RPG para colocar o jogador imerso em uma aventura envolvente enquanto explora labirintos, resolve quebra-cabeças, encontra armas especiais. E como principal diferencial ao derrotar criaturas terríveis e assimila suas habilidades, podendo utilizá-los da forma que preferir. Quanto mais forte são seus oponentes, mais poderoso você será! Próximas metas: Máquina de Estados do jogo (tela inicial, menu, pause, etc.) Melhorias no sistema de par

Enkf-nssl-commas - Non-hydrostatic atmospheric model and radar data assimilation system for convecti

The COllaborative Model for Multiscale Atmospheric Simulation (e.g., COMMAS) has been primarily developed over the last 20 years by Drs. Lou Wicker and Ted Mansell at the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman OK. The code is a non-hydrostatic atmospheric model built to study supercell thunderstorms in realtively simple (usually homogenous) environments. The code has its roots in the original Klemp-Wilhelmson cloud model built at NCAR and the Univ. of IL in the late 1970s. Originally c

Workingtitle - WorkingTitleFramework - High Performance PHP Framework

WTF - High Performance PHP FrameworkDeveloped to work with PHP 5.3WTF?The W orking T itle F ramework (short: WTF.), is a modern PHP Framework which comes with a lot of features most developers miss in the PHP core or other frameworks. It is developed under Continuous Integration, and tries to assimilate features from other languages, such as: Everything is an Object - Ruby (on Rails) Language integrated Query - .net Annotations, AOP, Inversion of Control / Dependency Injection - Java ... and so

Academic-progress-tracker - Build a tool that enables community to assess and track academic progres

Teaching is a profession as old as written language. The job of teachers has remained much the same for centuries. Teachers facilitate learning and provide experiences for students to assimilate what they learn. Written assignments both in class and for homework are still a significant way to increase and reinforce student learning, participation, and achievement. For these assignments to be effective they must be evaluated and returned in a timely fashion. The timeliness of evaluation is paramo