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This is a simple project allow users to sum two numbers



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Racktables - Datacenter Asset Management System

Racktables provides solution for datacenter and server room asset management. It helps document or maintains a list of hardware assets, network addresses, space in racks, network equipments and lot more. It is capable to mount the device in to the rack. It manages the IPv4/IPv6 addresses and assign them to the respective devices.

Omnet++ EPON Module

1G-EPON modules for OMNet++

Wordguess - simple word guessing game in java

This is assignment 1 for ECSE321 in Fall2007.

Wedding2 - Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner for Internet Programming Assignment 1

Opgave1 - Calculates your age and starts a test based on your age

The first assignment for the PR course at W&N at the Universiteit Leiden.

Tms-assistant - reports and scheduling for the Theocratic Ministry School Overseer

A program to: 1) track publishers and their abilities 2) schedule meeting parts 3) print assignment slips, schedules, and other reports 4) who knows what else.

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