Asset Tracker

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Inventory/asset tracking and management web application. Allows you to track any kind of asset, with a user-configurable number, type, and name of fields. It can hold multiple asset databases, and has a plugin system and simple authentication and access



Related Projects

Ruby Dynamic Data Tracker

The Ruby Dynamic Data Tracker project aims at designing an evolution of the BeOS Tracker interface. It takes advantage of the assets of the Ruby language. It is written especially for FreeBSD although any Unix-compliant OS running QT should do.

Ooh-tracker - Tracking for OOH assets

This is a test project for an OOH asset tracker

Asset-tracker-4rt - Asset Tracking add-on for Request Tracker

If you use Request Tracker already and need asset tracking software then this add-on might interest you. If you are comfortable with RT you will be comfortable with Asset Tracker.

Ewa - EvE-Online Web Analysis software (Killboard, JumpPlanner, etc)

IntroductionEWA is the abbreviation for EvE-Online Web Analysis a tool designed to analyse of EvE-Online ingame data such as Killmails, Asset data, POS informations. Additionally useful information can be generated, eg. by using the event system for grouping related kills automatically into battles or the Jumpplanner for calculating the shortest route for jump drive housing ships. EWA is written in PHP accessing a MySQL DB and serving a website using JQuery and other javascript related tools. EW

Iasset - iAsset is an OS X asset tracking application.

Using Apples Core Data and Cocoa foundations iAsset aims to be the perfect asset tracker for general IT staff.

Svn-assets - SVN Assets

This project is moved to GitHub: Please submit requests and bugs to GitHub's issue tracker:

Networkassetmanager - Remote Network hardware and software tracker

Network Asset Manager is a Hardware and Software Inventory Management application. It is simple to use and collects information on all hardware and software components of your PC's and Servers on the network remotely.

Littleware - java based client server node/asset tree

Welcome to Littleware!What is littleware?Littleware is a collection of java libraries that implement several utilities, applications, and services. First, littleware provides application infrastructure like a simple module system with dependency injection (via guice), bootstrap and shutdown (with a little OSGi), JAAS authentication, and other support for GUI, JNDI, CLI, and web applications. Another aspect of littleware is a node-store service that exports client APIs (currently via RMI) that ma

Notredam - an open source digital asset management platform

About NotreDAMPlease visit Any questions ?Visit (or possibly join) the support forum at: Would you like to be involved ?Please contact us at About the issue trackerThe status of the issues listed in the issue tracker refers to the code in the trunk. If you would like to be notified about changes in the issue tracker you can request to join the related mailing list:

De-tiny-sip - An easy-to-use SIP UA implementation for Android

Welcome to the TinySip project TinySip is an easy-to-use SIP UA implementation for Android. It includes a SIP stack, a STUN library and handles all the important features to set up a simple VoIP-call. Android features a SIP API from version 2.3.3. But this API does not support any NAT traversal and is limited in function. This is why I decided to implement my own SIP API and include the NAT traversal tools. Please feel free to use this code as you wish, according to the Apache License 2.0. I wou