AniSa - A Sybase Data Editor

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A flexible and powerful data editor for users of Sybase database servers (Adaptive Server Enterprise version 11.x or better).



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VisualSubSync is a subtitle program using audio waveform representation as its cornerstone. SRT and SSA/ASS subtitle formats are supported. It also provides some tools to help improving the quality of your subtitle.

vimified - Kick-ass Vim configuration framework.

Kick-ass Vim configuration framework.

Os102ass2 - blajhgjh

blablablablajkhkjhg kjhk jhk jh kjhk hk jh khjk hg kjhg

Smartaac - An AAC for OTServ

Smart-Ass has a aim set to provide an easy and professional AAC that works out the box.

Sweet-framework - A sweet framework written for php5.3+

It tastes like candy. Well actually it probably tastes like some weird ass Mexican candy currently. I'll be working my ass off over the next couple weeks to get it cleaned up and documented tho.

Asssketchpad - ASS drawing

English (Anglais) : Create or edit your ASS drawing. No download here because this software is included in the AssFxMaker package. But you can find here the source code. Click on the Source tab. Français (French) : Créez ou éditez votre dessin ASS. Il n'y a pas de téléchargement du logiciel ici car il est inclus dans le paquet de AssFxMaker. Mais vous pouvez trouver ici le code source. Cliquez sur l'onglet Source.

Ass2srt - An utility to convert .ass file to .srt format / å°‡ .ass 檔轉æˆ� .srt æ ¼å¼�轉æ�›å·¥å…

ASS2SRTConvert Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitle (.ass/.ssa) file format to SubRip (.srt) file format. If you have any code to improve it, let me know to add you to a committer. As I know, several scripts can do the same purpose but use other scripting languages, If the author of them like to host the code at Google, Please let me know to add all of you to committers. This scripts are: ass2srt.awk #1, #2, #3 : this project, sorry, it's a Traditional Chinese blo